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Proud Cat Discovers Cookie Tub Owner Hid Away And Bites A Piece On Each Cookie Inside

Unlike dogs, cats are not very restless, devoted, or encouraged by their humans. Cats love to think in their ways and act what they think. But, sometimes, they can come up with intriguing antics that we can’t stop laughing at.

Let’s get to know Nelly, the super-curious cat and a feline foodie who brings fun to her family. Her mother, Allison Riebel, has told The Dodo a little story of the cat, and we’re sure you are so excited to hear it.

Source: Allison Riebel

Rebel has noticed Nelly’s desire for food since the day she adopted the cat. Saying that her cat “lives to eat instead of eating to live”, Rebel has been using some treats and snacks to teach her tricks like sitting, giving high-fives, and playing fetch.

Source: Allison Riebel

Rebel is a volunteer at Wildlife Medical Clinic through the University of Illinois. Recently, she decided to make some cookies for her fellow volunteers. Knowing the feline might have an eye on them, the woman cautiously hid the baked goods in a sealed Tupperware container. Nellie was good at finding food, even in the most unsuspected places. So the owner put the tub in a safe-enough spot.

Source: Allison Riebel

It turned out all of her effort to keep the food was unsuccessful. Despite the fact that the plastic box was difficult to open, the mischievous cat managed to crack it up, stealing what stayed inside, and one by one took a bite of each cookie.

“Nellie somehow opened the container and took all the cookies out and onto the floor,” Riebel said.

“The funny thing is I know she took them all out separately because if she had just knocked them out of the container, the cookies would have broken. But they were spread out across our dining room floor with little bites out of each. So she took them all out separately and chopped them all separately and did it quietly enough to not get noticed.” .

Although Nellie could understand the cookies weren’t for her, she seemed proud of her achievements. Riebel captured a moment when her cat grinned at her waiting for praise from the woman. Of course, you can hope that the cat wasn’t punished after that.

Source: Allison Riebel

H/T: The Dodo


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