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Sphynx Cat’s Knobby Knees Are Taking The Internet By Storm

The Sphynx cat is a breed of cat known for its lack of coat fur. Although they appear strange looking to many people, to others they are beautiful and adorable. I make sure that you had met a Sphynx cat but have you ever seen a Sphynx cat with knobbly knees? Let’s meet Arlo, a Sphynx kitty who lives in Los Angeles is internet-famous and known for one unusual feature: his knees!

A video of him was uploaded on February 24 by an account on Instagram nicknamed “The Dark Lord” as he sits in a unusual pose on the top of the fridge and stares down with a thoughtful look. The video went viral, racking up nearly 763,000 views a day on Instagram. This cat has captured the imagination of the Internet with his distinctive knees and a hypnotizing look.

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We love the look he gives his admirers in the videos below:


It seems like this quirky cat enjoys naps on top of the refrigerator. But despite the menacing music in the clip below, he doesn’t seem so scary to us!


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No one has sexier knees than the Lord!!! ????

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