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This Labrador Mom Dog Knows A Good Way To Teach Her Adorable Pups How To Swim

People say parents are the first teachers, and you follow them from the very first steps of your life. That is true with humans, birds, fish, and all animals, including dogs.

Dogs train their puppies the survival skills early from birth, one of which is the ability to swim. This skill is even more important and necessary for Labradors.

Source: Rumble Viral

Once used by fishermen to catch fish or retrieve ducks, these dogs are good swimmers, compared to other breeds. They are well prepared for swimming with webbed toes to help them swim faster and doubled layer hair to maintain their body temperature under the water.

The adorable video below captures the moment an adult Labrador leads her six pups to practice the swimming lesson inside a pond. The video filmed by an owner showed the pup happily learn to swim as their mother taught. That seemed a rare scene to happen!

Initially, the puppies looked scared and hesitant to enter the pond because it was new terrain for them. Well, kids are often afraid of challenges; what they need is someone who motivates them to go on. The mom dog jumped into the lake first, showing her kids how to keep balance and move in the water. As they saw their mom swimming, the pups became more confident. In the end, all of them were able to accomplish the feat.

Source: Rumble Viral

When they were familiar with it, they learned to enjoy the water. After swimming around a little bit, they all returned to dry land to play around and goof about with their mom.

Source: Rumble Viral

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