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23 Hilarious Twitter Posts That Only Broke People Can Relate To

Money is nothing more than pieces of paper with different colors. But why is money so important? And why does everyone love money? There are various reasons, but to put it simply, people need money for a good life. Without money, it’s quite hard for us to meet our essential needs like full meals, a place to stay, let alone fulfill other far-fetched desires. Money is the key to living decently in the 21st century.

Therefore, how hard it will be if we have an empty pocket. All we can do at that point is remain resilient. These folks, for example. One who self-described as the first-world poor. He only had a smartphone and a laptop to verify that he didn’t have any money in the bank. Another dreamed of having luxury brand cars someday. But as she grew older, she just wanted to be hit by them. Here are other hilarious stories that broke people can relate to. Scroll down to check them out.


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