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Dachshund Owners Reveal The Truth Of Their Little Wiener Dogs, And It’s Hilarious

Dachshunds and Chihuahuas are two popular types of small dogs that win the heart of many dog lovers. They look super cute, tiny, and cuddly. Yeah, some may say they’re real little angels. But is that true? The fact is, they are tiny and “look” cute doesn’t mean they’re friendly with other people and animals. It’s hard to imagine, so we will show you a Twitter thread where dachshund owners share their experiences about how it is like to have a dachshund.

It all started when comedian Sarah Cooper was walking her cockapoo, Stella, the other day, she came across another dog owner. She asked if their dog can say hi. However, the owner quickly turned it down and said: “No way lady, this is a Dachshund, that should tell you all you need to know.” Well, Sarah didn’t really understand what that meant, so she turned to Twitter to ask about this. It didn’t take long, people replied to her tweet with their own experience with dachshunds. For what it’s worth, I remember that I saw a dachshund literally hunted down a chicken at my grandpa’s home.


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