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People Are Sharing Their Astonishing Discoveries In Unexpected Places

As usual, you go out for a walk in the morning, and suddenly you find something unusual. You find a dandelion, but it’s the size of your palm. Incredible! Dandelions are common plants around the world, but a dandelion this big is definitely not a common thing. Yeah, that’s great to find such things during a walk. So how about finding a fossilized footprint of a dinosaur that lived hundreds of millions of years ago when you go fishing? Now that’s totally mind-blowing.

Wonders are around us and all we need is just to look closer. You’ll never know that there are antiques buried right in your backyard. Or you can find real treasures while walking along the beaches. These people in the list below shared their amazing discoveries in the most unexpected places. Some folks are lucky, really lucky. Now, keep reading to see what they have found in the list below.

#1. Found while out deer hunting in the middle of nowhere

Source: TakenAHike

#2. Friend bought a N64 game, found this inside

Source: goodpeopleskills

#3. Geologist finds rare formation inside rock that looks exactly like Cookie Monster on Sesame Street

Source: holyfruits

#4. I found a pixelated leaf

Source: ThumYorky

#5. You never know what you will find when you pick up a shell at Honeymoon Beach, Florida. Little dude was put safely back in the water

Source: crinnoire

#6. So look what I found when I was washing windows (and cruising along with the fish)… any Morrows out there know a George Morrow that would’ve written this circa 1926?

Source: Nautical North Family Adventures

#7. I came in my kitchen to find a lizard using a sponge as a raft in the sink (I live in New Mexico)

Source: bassmansrc

#8. Found Amethyst pieces in a new gravel driveway

Source: fluffmcstuffins

#9. Went on a walk, fogged up my glasses, and found this

Source: CoryClears

#10. This little door I found in the trunk of a tree while walking in Lowell

Source: offxpring

#11. Surreal moment today. I went to Oaks, PA too many video games expo. Found my gameboy from early 2000’s

Source: 2scott2handle

#12. A cast iron cauldron I found buried in my forest.

Source: BoosterSqueak

#13. We just found kittens in the bushes near our house

Source: ATimeHoody

#14. I found a pile of walnuts in my car engine.

Source: Yguy2000

#15. Found an unopened PS1 in my grandfathers attic!

Source: ydntkme

#16. Older Roman mosaic under a layer of less older Roman mosaic – found in Greece


#17. This GIANT dandelion I found on my walk today

Source: blood_omen

#18. My mom and uncle found a USAF target drone on the beach

Source: coolmanjack

#19. Found this on a bench in Margate, UK

Source: lookthatwayplease

#20. Found this ‘veiled lady’ mushroom on a hike this morning near Seoul, South Korea

Source: Spudnut

#21. I came across these theropod tracks while fly fishing in Leander, Texas

Source: Pondernautics

#22. Found a tiny greenhouse in the woods

Source: A_Fungus_Chungus

#23. It has been family lore that my grandmother had a pet raccoon named Smokey. I didn’t believe it until I recently found photographic evidence. Late 40’s or early 50’s

Source: Neville1989

#24. This morning I found a bat sleeping in my window… INSIDE the screen.

Source: mugglesport

#25. This purple mushroom I found

Source: grobnerual

#26. Found a massive bald eagle feather

Source: Gone333


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