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Climate Change Problem: Video Shows Walruses Forced Onto Shore Plummets To Deaths From High Rocks

“Our Planet” is a Netflix series narrated by David Attenborough to show the effect of climate change on a particular Arctic animal species, the walrus.

It has published a shocking video in which viewers can see the gruesome fate of walruses forced increasingly onto shores due to global warming.

Source: Netflix

Walruses should live in the ocean because “their eyesight out of the water is poor”, according to Attenborough. However, ice massively melting away has forced them to go nowhere else but the land.

The disgusting clip shows walruses perching on the edge of the rocks without knowing how high they are. Despite their poor eyesight, they are still able to feel the presence of other walruses below. When they are hungry, they will find a way to go return to the sea and join their friends to find food.

“In their desperation to do so, hundreds fall from heights they should never have scaled,” said Attenborough.

Source: Netflix

Those who survive the fall have to continue to protect themselves from predators on land including polar bears.

WWF explained why the walrus is among the most heavily affected sufferers of climate change: “On land, they’re highly susceptible to disturbance from humans, aircraft or predators such as polar bears, which can spook them and cause crushing stampedes.”

Source: Netflix

In addition, these mammals rely on the sea ice for almost all activities such as resting between the hunts, mating, and giving birth. NOAA reports that the sea ice also provides them shelter from storms and predators.

Therefore, the loss of sea ice can have a great impact on the population of the species. “It is certain that land-based sites alone will not support the same number of walruses that the mixed seasonal use of sea ice and land has permitted in the past,” a 2015 study stated.

It is clear that human activities are responsible for many negative changes in the natural habitat, and governments should join hands to alleviate these problems.

Watch the video below:

H/T: dailymail.co.uk


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