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19 Therapy Tweets That Will Make You Collapse Into Giggles Until Your Next Session

Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes, the race for money and fame might cause some mental problems for us, such as anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, or depression. What will you do if you find yourself in such situations? Some people choose to confide in their pals about their feelings. Others can heal themselves. Yet others who are not brave enough to follow the above ways seek help from therapists.

Therapists are excellent listeners who are always considerate, open-armed and empathize with their clients. But they put their clients in an awkward situation at times. Take these people for example. Of course, they received a lot of enthusiastic advice and support from their therapists, but these healers mocked them as well. Then, the “weak kids” posted hilarious interactions with their therapists on Twitter. Scroll down to check them out. Hope that they can brighten your day a little bit.


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