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Putting Trix In An Ant Farm And The Boy Witnessed An Ant Death Ritual

If you are an American, ready-to-eat sugar cereal might be familiar to you. Many people regard them as a convenient breakfast. However, sugar cereals, as many families refer to them, have long been nutritionally suspected. While people were fiercely debating the ingredients of these cereals, a Twitter user @OctopusCaveman discovered something surprising and macabre regarding Trix – a US brand of breakfast cereal for kids.

His son put some Trix in his ant farm because of fear that they would starve. According to the common theory, ants will eat sugary foods; however, in this case, they were conducting a weird ritual with cereals. Having no idea what was going on, the father took pictures of this situation and asked Twitter users for help. Then, he received a lot of responses and found out that Trix is not only for them but also for the ant’s funeral. Scroll down to check out the whole discovery.

#1. A graveyard for ants??

Source: OctopusCaveman

#2. Are you positive that you’re delicious?

Source: OctopusCaveman

#3. They made ants think they were ghosts

Source: reinadelhadas

#4. Bring out yer dead, bring out yer dead. I’m not quite dead yet

Source: tulipsmg


Source: noseas_bobo

#6. Bless you

Source: beforedawnfan

#7. Anyway, I’m sure that your house will become a funeral house

Source: imgur.com

#8. The substance that make ants aware of death

Source: imgur.com

#9. Now, they can smell death

Source: imgur.com

#10. And you shout out loud “I’m not quite dead yet!”

Source: imgur.com

#11. “I think I’ll go for a walk. I feel happy, I feel happy” and *THUMP*

Source: imgur.com

#12. So is that stuff safe to eat or what?

Source: imgur.com

#13. So sacred

Source: imgur.com

#14. Not everyone can smell ants. Lucky for you

Source: imgur.com

#15. Trix are for my ant graveyard

Source: imgur.com

#16. Can you smell ants?

Source: Intricatexpanse


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