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Viral Video Experiment Shows Adorable Golden Retriever Clearly Prefers Mom To Dad

There’s one thing we suggest any couple should try – to parent a pet. And couples who raise a pet together love the companionship they share with it. But sometimes, they do question: “Who does our pet like best?”

This American couple decided to make an experiment on their Golden Retriever pup. They wanted to know whether their dog preferred mom or dad. In a viral video that lasts for half of a minute, the result seemed to be clear!

Source: Rumble Viral

The couple captioned their video “Who is his favorite?” before trying a quick test. The Golden Retriever sat in between its mom and dad who ran in different directions: dad went left, and mom went right. Well, it was clear that whom the pup followed was his favorite.

Source: Rumble Viral

Then, the result seemed to be conclusive: Mom 3 – Dad 0! There was no doubt the Golden Retriever preferred its mom. Watch the video below:

If you want to try something new with your pet, why don’t you put it in a kind of experiment like this? Do it with your pet and share with us the result in the comment below!