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Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutter When Seeing These Children’s Works of Art

Do you believe that playing with kids can help you realize how dark you are? Kids are the most innocent and brightest angels in this world. Meanwhile, adults – mature people often make everything complicated. Perhaps it’s hard for them to maintain their purity because life is tough. Therefore, sometimes when encountering children’s innocent questions or their works, adults may become perplexed to respond.

Take these kids’ works of art for example. In children’s innocent minds, they are just familiar objects like a lighthouse, a scissor, or a skirt with a minions image, yet they are sensitive to adults. Are you curious? Scroll down to check out these hilarious pieces of ‘art’ and tell me what grasps your mind. I’m sure that these pics will reveal the dark level of your soul. Also, share this post with your friends if you want to check their purity.

#1. Remember to wash your hands

Source: reddit.com

#2. Best hand-made gift for Father’s Day

Source: reddit.com

#3. The kid meant “cook”

Source: reddit.com

#4. These are just turntables. I was just glad he didn’t draw a microphone too.

Source: Amy Aucoin

#5. He was just wearing a minions shirt

Source: reddit.com

#6. Drawing of a fox running away from an alien

Source: Gemma Laws

#7. Ohh foreshadowing…

Source: reddit.com

#8. This is a volcano

Source: reddit.com

#9. The baby drew a firefighter with a thank you note

Source: reddit.com

#10. This is a giraffe

Source: yaplakal.com

#11. Her teacher was accurately drawn

Source: reddit.com

#12. Best Mother’s day card ever

Source: lyndee13

#13. It’s a lighthouse

Source: reddit.com

#14. “scissors?” That totally looks like a banana and two oranges.

Source: reddit.com

#15. The kid’s mummy and daddy on their wedding day

Source: Nicole Loria


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