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Celebrities Whose Love For Their Pit Bulls Will Make You Envy

Pit Bulls are good dogs. Some people might think these dogs are aggressive and violent because of their appearance. But only after you own a Pit Bull will you realize how friendly, loyal and lovable they are. And, do you know that Pit Bulls have a special connection with Hollywood stars? Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the celebs who are crazy in love with their Pitties!

Below is a list of nineteen famous stars who raise their Pit Bulls and adore them. Believe us, this will not take you more than three minutes to read. Scroll down and enjoy for yourself!

#1 Alicia Silverstone

Silverstone is the mother of three pups, one of which is Butterfly, the Pit Bull with the nickname “The Pig”. The actress writes on her website The Kind Life that Butterfly is like the “princess of the house” and advocates for the breed.

Source: postbark

#2 Jennifer Aniston

In 2012, Jennifer Aniston adopted a Pit Bull mix puppy, Sophia. Now, 9 years later, the bond between them is strong and unreplaceable.

Source: postbark

#3 Kevin Bacon

As an animal lover and Pit Bull Ambassador, Kevin Bacon participated in Dog Park Publishing’s #KissedByAPit campaign to fight against stereotypes towards these dogs. He has a super cute daughter, Pit Bull Lily.

Source: kevinbacon

#4 Marc Jacobs

He owns an Instagram account in which the designer posts pictures of him hanging out with his Bull Terrier. You will see how much Marc Jacobs loves his dog.

Source: nevillejacobs

#5 Kaley Cuoco

Saying that pit bulls are “the greatest dogs in the world”, Kaley Cuoco loves her three Pit Bulls to the moon and back. At her wedding, she even made a cake for her then-husband (they are now divorced) with a giant tennis ball and their three pups.

Source: kaleycuoc

#6 Adrian Grenier

The star regularly uploads pictures of his lovable pup on the Internet. It seems like Adrian Grenier wants his dog to take part in every activity he joins in daily life.

Source: adriangrenier

#7 Josh Hutcherson

He adopted a dog named Driver from a municipal Los Angeles shelter in 2012. Driver was rescued by Hands Paw Hearts with a broken leg. Right before his surgery, Hutcherson met and fell in love with him!

Source: postbark

#8 Katherine Heigl

She has a great love for dogs, which inspires her to found Jason Debus Heigl Foundation to help animals in need. In 2011, the actress fostered eight rescued dogs, all of them were so lovely!

Source: katherineheigl

#9 Channing Tatum

Tatum’s dog is Lulu, who was rescued from a shelter in his Alabama hometown when she was 7 weeks old. The two became inseparable since then.

Source: channingtatum

#10 Jessica Biel

Once a week, Jessica posts a picture of her Pit Bull, Tina, on Instagram and doesn’t forget to hashtag #TuesdaysWithTina.

Source: jessicabiel

#11 Jessica Alba

Source: jessicaalba

#12 Cesar Millan

Source: cesarmillan

#13 Miranda Lambert

Source: mirandalambert

#14 Norman Reedus

Source: bigbaldhead

#15 Rachel Bilson

Source: rachelbilson

#16 Jon Stewart

Source: postbark

#17 Rachael Ray

Source: rachaelray

#18 Gisele and Tom Brady

Source: postbark

#19 Liam Hemsworth

Source: liamhemsworth


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