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Outrageous Boyfriend Gets An Instant “Okay, Bye” After Keeping Complaining Things His GF Does With Her Cat

We still don’t know what’s wrong with guys who dislike cats. But everyone has their own hobbies, and before you start dating someone, make sure you two have one thing in common – both of you should be cat lovers. We have talked about a couple breaking up after the girlfriend kicked her boyfriend’s cat out of his house. And this is a similar case.

A 24-year-old woman has recently shared a story on r/AITA telling how she split up with her boyfriend due to their arguments about her cat, Crumb. In the post, she said that she had been in a relationship with Kyle for two months. It began when Kyle, who never parented pets, “started to spend the night” and learned to adjust to his GF’s cat.

Source: AITA_shower

Kyle started complaining about Crumb although it was quite a docile cat. He was shocked to see the cat rub his face toward the toothbrush. For many times, he had suggested his GF buy a new toothbrush, but she just laughed and refused that.

Source: AITA_shower

Things became worst when the guy showed his disagreement with his GF kissing the cat before sleep. “Kyle says I am unhygienic because of this. He says Crumb is dirty and even letting him sleep in the bedroom is gross and gets fur everywhere,” the author wrote. He wanted the woman to punish her cat, which was definitely unreasonable.

Source: AITA_shower

Then, the boyfriend complained about how disgusting to see his GF kiss Grumb on its face and said that he wouldn’t kiss her if she continued kissing the cat. He wanted the woman to put Crumb outside the room and lock him in a crate.

With an outrageous list of demands, the abusive boyfriend got an instant “Okay, bye” from his GF. “Not only is Crumb 10000x more important to me, but I laughed in Kyle’s face about never kissing my cat again/keeping him locked,” she wrote.

The story shows us how important it is to have a serious talk before we decide to move in together. Everyone can choose to live a life they want, including sharing the space with a four-legged family. No one has the right to force other people to do or not to do something. That’s why couples should learn to talk, and share, and understand each other. If they can’t, just move on. We agree with the woman in this story.

People are taking the side of the girlfriend, too!


Meanwhile, some people show their sympathy for the boyfriend and say that we should understand where he was coming from:

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