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These Traveling Insta-Cats Prove Cats Are The Purr-fect Travel Companions

Welcome to Japan to travel with two cats Daikichi and Fuku-chan and their owner. Their names “Daikichi” and “Fuku-chan” mean “Lucky Boy” and “Happy Kid”
Daikichi the brown tabby and Fuku-chan the red tabby were abandoned as kittens. Luckily, they were both rescued. Daikichi was found on a snowy road near Hokkaido’s Akan Lake, and Fuku-chan was spotted while hiding on a piece of cardboard in Shinjuku Gyoen National Park. Their new humans love to travel and decided to bring their cats with them. Now, this four-legged duo goes on adventures all over Japan.
The pair has climbed mountains, visited historic beaches, and encountered a number of other four-legged animals along the way. They’ve traveled north and south across Japan and never forgot to save their memories through perfectly captured photographs.
Nyanko, an avid traveler and Natural Conservation Officer in Japan’s Ministry of the Environment wanted to show her new family members a bit of adventure. So the trio hit the road to traverse Japan and beyond. When travelling, the pair relax comfortably within Nyanko’s backpack.
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Welcome to Japan to travel with two cats Daikichi and Fuku-chan.

cat travelling on Instagram

“Daikichi” and “Fuku-chan” mean “Lucky Boy” and “Happy Kid”

cat travelling on Instagram

The pair is one of the cutest duos of protagonists on Instagram.

cat travelling on Instagram

Now, this four-legged duo goes on adventures all over Japan.

cat travelling on Instagram

Here they are admiring Mt. Fuji. We’re jealous!

cat travelling on Instagram

Here they are taking in a group of islands called Matsushima.

Fuku-chan became fast friends with the horses of Green Flower Ranch.

cat travelling on Instagram

And when it’s time to hit the trail, she’s more than willing to lead the way.

We hope Fuku-chan woke up from her cat nap in time to enjoy this amazing view!

cat travelling on Instagram

Mt. Oakan reflected in Lake Akan.

Daikichi demonstrates her appreciation for cultural landmarks.

They are a couple of cool traveling cats.

cat travelling on Instagram

Watch video about their adventures!

Two rescue cats now spend their lives traveling

The purrfect pair of travel partners ????Follow where 旅にゃんこ日記 – the.traveling.cats head to next!

Posted by Matador Network on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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