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Man And Dog Make It To Safety Before Tornado Destroys Their House In Fightening Moment

Natural disasters happen almost every year, and if it does happen, like a tornado for example, you should take shelter in the basement and stay away from windows or doors. Mark,  living in Mullica Hill (New Jersey, USA), was able to protect himself and his dog from a devastating tornado that hit their house on September 1, 2021.

A video filmed by the man capturing them rush to the basement just in time to escape the tornado.

Mark was watching the storm outside his house when he started capturing it in the video. The wind was pretty strong, but there was no clear sign showing it was a tornado. Unexpectedly, it became obvious as an extreme danger showed up on the horizon. Mark was frightened by the speed of the wind which vibrated windows and doors in his house.

Source: ViralHog

Quickly, he called his dog and ran into the basement. You can hear the genuine fear in his voice right as the power cut out. Waiting seconds for the tornado to leave, they walked back upstairs again, and what they could see was terrible!

Source: ViralHog

Source: ViralHog

Windows were broken and several doors were destroyed. Everything inside his house was messed up. We can tell it was a lot of damage! Fortunately, the man and his dog were safe.

Source: ViralHog

Local News said that the Mullica Hill tornado on September 1 was an EF-3 with a maximum wind speed of 150 mph. Reports showed that a number of homes were damaged, some of which were completely destroyed. Locals who suffered from the disaster told that it destroyed the whole area in just five minutes. Frightening!

Mark’s house is completely commended and he is now able to move in with his dog. We are happy they can overcome such a life-threatening situation!


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