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Officers Thought They Were Facing A Tiger, But It Turned Out A Mom Cat Was Guarding Her Kittens

Motherhood is something beyond the responsibility to love, care for and sacrifice for your children. A mother can do anything to protect her baby so that it can live in happiness and safety. Recently, a feral mom cat has fiercely guarded her kittens, making Louisiana officers think that they were handling a tiger.

Source: WWF

The cat, named El Tigre, lived with her babies outside an old movie theater in an impoverished part of town. The environment was very dangerous, and Tigre was trying her best to defend herself and the kittens. However, the property manager thought that her fierce screaming at night was that of a tiger, so he contacted the local animal shelter.

“When I if they were dealing with a tiger, the property manager gave a cryptic and serious response. “Maybe it is,” said the shelter staff.

When they arrived at the cinema, however, they discovered a much smaller cat being overprotective of a pair of fluffy, tabby stripped bobtailed kittens. That was El Tigre and her babies. It wasn’t hard to understand why the property manager had mistaken El Tigre as a big cat. Although she was a Manx calico cat, she did have a wild side, especially when it came to her babies.

Source: Greater Good Charity

“The officer described that there was a fierce tiger of a mother cat, protecting her two little ones. With time we understood that El Tigre’ was just protecting her little ones. She is a fierce mother and a very loving beautiful cat,” shelter workers shared.

The kitten spent some time living under the care of the shelter before they were all finally adopted by forever families. El Tigre, however, is still searching for someone who needs and cares for her. We hope all the best for the wonderful mom cat.

H/T: The Animal Rescue


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