19 Times People Have Gone Too Far With Their Cars

Whenever talk about vehicles, the first thought that comes to your mind must be cars. Cars are the major means of transportation because of their convenience and flexibility. An ordinary car will be suitable for the needs of going to school to work, a pickup truck is for carrying goods, off-road vehicles are for the adventurous, and more advanced cars show the luxury of people driving it. That’s why every car has its uniqueness.

However, each car has its own destiny. Some people try to upgrade their cars’ appearances to satisfy their wants. But in spite of that, they end up failing dramatically since those upgraded cars didn’t bring any practical benefit. The good news is they still get people’s attention, just not in a positive way. Here we have 19 cars, which are being made fun of. Let’s scroll down and enjoy laughing now!

#1 Hmm…

Source: boho1936

#2 I’m one with the building

Source: boho1937

#3 Toy for adults

Source: boho1938

#4 Speechless

Source: boho1939

#5 This probably comes from the future

Source: boho1940

#6 Gangster bang

Source: boho1941

#7 Never feel greener

Source: boho1942

#8 Coming soon

Source: boho1943

#9 Bet the owner is addicted to cartoon movies

Source: boho1944

#10 I’m wondering how to drive this

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#11 Brilliant!

Source: boho1946

#12 Does it look cool?

Source: boho1947

#13 So this promises to catch all the ghosts right?

Source: boho1948

#14 Can’t even get it

Source: boho1949

#15 Don’t joke with me

Source: boho1950

#16 Hope it won’t crash the ground

Source: boho1951

#17 Favorite character of all time

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#18 Winter is here people

Source: boho1953

#19 This giant phone

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