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Six Years Ago, Man Helped This Crow Family, Now They Send Him Beautiful Thank-You Gifts

Crows are smart birds, and this story is clear evidence of that. Stuart Dahlquist, 56, shared a post on Twiter showing a gift he received from a crow family who owed his help six years ago.

The man, living in Seattle, noticed the bird family in his front yard thanks to the baby’s chirping when their parents fed them. He wasn’t bothered by the existence of these animal neighbors. But one day, in his yard he saw the chicks fall from the nest while their parents could no nothing to help them.

“[The chicks] were almost able to fly, but instead were just running around the yard — their parents squawking,” Dahlquist said. “I caught the two of them and got them into a tree. I put some food and water underneath them in case they fell again.”

Source: Stuart Dahlquist

The kind man began feeding the birds with food and water almost every day, over the years. Gradually, the crows realized he was their true friend. These birds can recognize faces, which helps them remember which humans are threats and which are friends. And you know what, some animals know that when they owe someone a favor, they do need to show their gratitude.

One day, Dahlquist was surprised to find in the spot he fed the crows a fir sprig decorated with a soda can tab. The man was happy thinking that it was the crow’s thank-you present.

Source: Stuart Dahlquist

“I noticed it straight away because I’m kind of sensitive about trash going where it belongs,” he told The Dodo, “but the pull tab being threaded onto the sprig of fir wasn’t normal, and I hung onto it.”

The next day, the crows brought another twig and put it in the same spot. For years, the man has been feeding them without requiring anything in return, but their reactions were beyond his expectation.

“This isn’t only generous, it’s creative, it’s art. My mind is blown.” Dahlquist wrote.

Source: Stuart Dahlquist

So sweet! We are sure that the exchange of gifts will strengthen the relationship between the human and his crow neighbors.

H/T: The Dodo

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