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Alaska: Bald Eagle, Wild Fox And Two Domestic Cats Gang Up Peacefully On Woman’s Porch

Those who live in Alaska will normally catch sight of eagles and foxes, but seeing them hang out together seems a rare sight. It is even rarer to spot them next to your pets outside your house door.

Pam Aus, however, has recently posted a Youtube video capturing the scene of a bald eagle, a fox, and her two cats getting along on her porch. The four creatures, one feathered and three furry beasts, once thought to barely show up together, were caught on camera ganging up.

The video started when Pam was in her room hearing the eagle squawking. As she came out to investigate, she was amazed to catch the sight.

The bald eagle was sitting less than a meter away from the lady, and a wild fox under him was staring at her listening to her attentively. The two didn’t seem bothered by the presence of the human.

Source: pla1554alaska

Source: pla1554alaska

Sitting opposite them was Gizmo, her social and friendly cat. As Pam put her camera on Suitcase, the other domestic cat, who was walking from snow intending to enter the home, the fox looked like it wanted to move indoors too.

Source: pla1554alaska

“Do you want to come in,” Pam said to it.

Uploaded on 25 March, the remarkable video was viewed over 350,000 times. Since then, the wild animals kept visiting Pam’s cats. We love their odd friendship because it truly reflects how beautiful, cute and adorable the Animal Kingdom is.

H/T: The Huffington Post

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