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Cat Dreaming In The Video Makes It The Most Adorable Clip Ever

Animal scientists have suggested that some animals including cats do dream in their sleep. So, it is not surprising this video of a cat dreaming of warm milk has earned thousands of hearts over the Internet.

Since it was posted on the subreddit r/aww (a collection of super cute and adorable things), the video has amassed over 27.5K upvotes, which accounted for 97% of the viewers.

As you watch the video, you’ll see little Floof smiling happily mouthing and licking his lips while dreaming about milk. The video only lasts for 16 seconds, but it is the most adorable thing you’ll see today.

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People commented, “It’s the purest, most wholesome thing I have witnessed all day,” and another commenter wrote, “The cutest and adorable kitty having sweet dreams I’ve ever seen!”. What about you? Do you think this is the cutest cat video ever?

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A study comparing the rat brains when they were awake vs. when they slept found that the brains had totally the same patterns. It was evident that rats (and cats) do dream. It’s unknown what they dream about, but just like humans, they are supposed to remember things that happened recently or events of the past few hours.

Some signals that help you realize a cat is in its dream include witching, stretching, snoring, or making odd little grunting noises. Also, it’s not hard to guess what your cat is dreaming about. For example, we know Floof is dreaming about warm milk thanks to his mouth movement.

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