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Cat Pushes Owner’s 15-Year-Old Dog Down The Stairs In Controversial Video

Over the years, people have been showing their controversial opinions of the “love-and-hate” relationship between cats and dogs. And when this video is posted on Tiktok, it seems to provoke debate.

The video, posted by Queefly, has attracted 30.2 million viewers and tens of thousands of comments in which people are deciding themselves into Team Kitty or Team Canine.

It started with elderly Golden Retriever Bailey standing at the top of the staircase hesitating to go down. It was unknown that she was really scared or just unwilling to go down the steps.

Source: queefly

All of a sudden, a cat named Snickers showed up behind her and started biting and pawing at her leg. The canine jumped down with almost no balance and willingness, finally slipped, and fell down the stair.

Source: queefly

“My cat pushed my elderly dog down the stairs,” Queefly captioned her video.

The controversial video raised the question of whether cats and dogs can live peacefully, and Netizens were dividing themselves with different opinions.

Some people slammed the cat for its actions as some comments said “SORRY but I would never forgive that cat,” or “I don’t want to come off as a bad person but that cat may just have used up all of its 9 lives.”

Source: queefly

Meanwhile, the kitty team showed their counterargument and blamed the dog for being ‘dramatic’. “Cat said keep it moving granny,” one person wrote, and another added, “It literally looks like she did that on purpose to get the cat in trouble.”

We think that it was neither the cat nor the dog’s fault. Perhaps, it was just an accident, and it was no one who intentionally did it. In the end, Queefly confirmed that her dog was uninjured and totally doing okay.

Watch the video here:

@queeflyluckily she’s okay 💜 ##dogsofttiktok

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