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10 Most Tragic Moments In Spider-Man Comics That No One Wants Them To Ever Happen Again

Although being one of the most successful and popular heroes in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man has never had an easy life.

Apart from the victories, several tragic events have happened to Spider-Man, putting him through severe challenges and hardships. From having a self-identity crisis to a mental breakdown, you name it. These devastating events significantly shaped the growth of Spider-Man as a superhero and also as a human.

Over the past 50 years of Spider-Man comcis, our hero went through several disastrous moments in his career, and here are the worst 10.

#1 When Kraven the Hunter Buried Spider-Man alive

Source: Marvel Comics

In the battle against Kraven the Hunter, Spider-Man was captured and buried alive underground by his opponent. Although Spider-Man was able to dig his way out and return back to life in a new black costume, being buried alive was still a terrifying experience for Spidey.

#2 When Doctor Octopus trapped Spider-Man in his body

Source: Marvel Comics

Doctor Octopus is widely known to be Spider-Man’s greatest villain. With his formidable power, Doctor Octopus swapped minds with Peter Parker and trapped him in his dying body.

#3 When Spider-Man thought he was a clone

Source: Marvel Comics

Self-identity crisis is probably one of the most horrifying experiences in everyone’s lives, and this moment happened to Spider-Man. When multiple clones of Spider-Man appeared, he onced believed that he himself was a clone, which lead to him walking away from his hero life.

#4 When Spider-Man died

Source: Marvel Comics

Peter Parker died several times in the comics, and one of his most tragic deaths is the one after his brutal battle with the Sinister Six. Although later he came back to life as the Ultimate Spider-Man, this accident remains the horrible and unforgettable moment of his life.

#5 When Mephisto erased Spider-Man’s marriage from existence

Source: Marvel Comics

Peter Parker’s love life never went on easily and smoothly. Spider-Man himself and the love of his life went through several terrible accidents, one of which is the disappearance of his marriage with Mary Jane done by Mephisto. Though their marriage was healed eventually, going through his phase of life has never been easy for both of them.

#6 When Spider-Man bonded to the alien symbiote

Source: Marvel Comics

The new black suit turned out to be an alien symbiote that would go on to become Venom. This symbiote aimed to bond with Spider-Man and it nearly succeeded.

#7 When Terraxia killed Spider-Man

Source: Marvel Comics

Not only did the comic writers make Spider-Man die once in the comics, but our hero was also beaten to death several times. This time, in the battle against Terraxia, a henchman of Thanos, tackled Spider-Man to the ground and killed him terribly.

#8 When Peter and Mary Jane lost their baby

Source: Marvel Comics

While Peter Parker was leaving the city thinking he was a clone, his lover Mary Jane was terribly poisoned and eventually miscarried. What could be more tragic than losing your precious one-and-only child?

#9 When Uncle Ben was murdered

Source: Marvel Comics

The death of Uncle Ben not only came as a major event in the comics, but as a turning point in Spider-Man’s maturity and growth as well. The realization that his immature act had led to the death of his beloved uncle hit our hero incredibly hard and this tragic event shaped Spider-Man as he is today. After this tragedy, Spider-Man understands Uncle Ben’s words as clear as ever before – “With great power must also come great responsibility”.

#10 When Green Goblin killed Gwen Stacy

Source: Marvel Comics

This is perhaps the most well-known tragic moment of Spider-Man since this moving scene appeared in the big screen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and has made the audience burst into tears.

With her lovely characteristics, Gwen Stacy is Spider-Man’s true love and has great impact on his whole life as one of the most important persons to him. When she was killed at the hands of the Green Goblin, our hero had a terrible breakdown and was haunted by her death for a long time.