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25 Uncanny Mickey Illustrations That Are Not Really Child-Friendly

It’s no secret that the mascot of Walt Disney Animation Studios is, in fact, the most famous cartoon star on Earth. Always known as a fun-loving, optimistic mouse with a bright smile that can warm anyone’s heart, Mickey has spent over 90 years bringing joy to millions of people around the world through numerous delightful and magical movies and series. It’s easy to understand why every kid loves this cultural icon, he’s simply amazing.

With that level of popularity, it should come as no surprise that this fictional guy has inspired plenty of fan works lately, including fanart of course. While most of them are just as bright and lovely as the original character, many artists decide to go against the grain and come up with quite unusual artworks we hardly imagine.

In this post, we have collected 25 weird yet extraordinary illustrations of Mickey Mouse that you don’t usually see, and some of them might even leave you speechless. Ready for the ride? Let’s go!

#1. A bloodthirsty Mickey Mouse.

Source: franki02

#2. It doesn’t seem right, but he is cute in this picture, right?

Source: Themrock

#3. This Mickey Mouse is a little bit strange, but he’s jovial as usual.

Source: C-CLANCY

#4. Let’s say hello to freaky Mickey Mouse.

Source: dimitrikozma

#5. A mutant version of our beloved Mickey.

Source: HammersonHoek

#6. Mickey is ready for a brand new life.

Source: IsaacGarabito

#7. Eerie Mickey just wants to say hi…

Source: AjonesA

#8. Mickey the Lucky Rabbit.

Source: Hamilton74

#9. Can you see that hot-air balloon over there?

Source: Jerner

#10. It’s just a little bit… too much.

Source: uglymickeyplz

#11. Say cheese!

Source: MikePMitchell

#12. Little Mickey Mouse, isn’t he adorable?

Source: juanbauty

#13. If you stumble upon this Mickey, get ready for the worse.

Source: Hamilton74

#14. A kawaii version of Mickey Mouse.

Source: Littlemoon1502

#15. He was trapped, but at least he got the cheese!

Source: chibogfud

#16. The dark side of Mickey Mouse.

Source: jarredspekter

#17. Such a cutie pie!

Source: beyx

#18. Mickey handling all the mess.

Source: deathbox-was-taken

#19. Nice brace, Mickey!

Source: jaggudada

#20. Mickey Venom.

Source: robiant

#21. A confusing Mickey.

Source: cocor

#22. Do you want to join this Mickey in his garden?

Source: Verehin

#23. Mickey’s departure.

Source: Kaikaikiki

#24. A Zombie Mickey looking for some brain.

Source: inter666

#25. Mickey the cowboy!

Source: telegrafixs

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