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Cat Lost Her Best Friend Due To Cancer, So Her Owners Let Her Say “GOODBYE”

Losing your close ones is never easy. You can do nothing to bring them back or have another moment with them. Although you never want, you still have to say goodbye.
Big Boy, a cat recently lost her best friend Chuey due to cancer. They were feline roommates, like many cats who have to live together under one roof, didn’t always get along. Despite all the conflict, the two cats were actually fairly close. They did everything together and were best friends. When Chuey died, the owners allowed Big Boy to say goodbye to her friend. They wrapped Chuey in a worn blanket and then allowed Big Boy into the room so she could see her old friend one last time.
We almost didn’t want to post this, but we must face the heartbreaking reality that many cats go through every time their best friend dies… This heartbreaking video proves animals have true love. Cats are such amazing and loving creatures, you won’t be able to hold back your tears.
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Watch the video here!


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