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There Are Some Interesting Details Of Iconic Disney Movies That You Definitely Missed

Disney has been a big name in the animated movie industry. The reason why Disney’s movies are always appealing to people of all ages is the meticulous attention to detail that goes into their production.

Most of you must have seen familiar animated movies like “Toy Story”, “Monster Inc.,” “Up”, or “Finding Nemo” at least once in your life. They are more than just tickets to our childhood. In fact, each movie has hidden small details that are so subtle that you may not be able to notice them.

If you don’t believe it, try reading through the article below so you realize what you’ve missed. Share this post with your friends, so we can all become Disney-fueled detectives.

#1 Andy’s handwriting in “Toy Story”

Source: Disney

Andy’s handwriting on the boots of Woody is blurred. On the boots of Buzz, we can see that his handwriting has improved. They clearly show that Andy is grown up.

#2 The carpet in Sid’s house in “Toy Story”

Source: Disney

Toy Story 3 has a few references to the film “The Shining” (1980)throughout the film. The carpet of Sid’s house was purposefully designed to seem like the carpet at the Overlook Hotel, one of the numerous nods to the horror film across the Pixar franchise.

#3 The Rex’s reflection of a car mirror in “Toy Story”

Source: Disney

While Rex, Ham, Potato Head, Slinky, and Buzz searched for Woody, one of the store’s Barbies took the wheel and gave a tour. Unfortunately, Rex got separated from the group along the route. Viewers watch him in the rearview mirror as he tries to catch up with his pals, similar to a scene from Jurassic Park in which the main characters were hunted in their automobile by a T-Rex. Of course, the Jurassic Park dinosaur wanted to devour the passengers in their Jeep, so these were completely different conditions.

#4 The famous Pixar lamp in “Toy Story”

Source: Disney

The iconic Pixar lamp is a familiar part of the studio’s films. If you pay close attention during the opening credits of Toy Story 2, you can spot the famous Pixar lamp amongst the stars.

#5 The word “Binford” in “Toy Story”

Source: Disney

The name “Binford” is engraved on a toolbox. Binford Tools is a fictitious corporation from the comedy “Home Improvement”, which established Tim Allen’s career as Buzz Lightyear’s voice actor.

#6 Shapes of objects in “Up”

Source: Disney

The shapes have their own meanings: round things represent happiness, while squares represent stability and dependability. Everything on Ellie’s side of the bed is round, while everything on Carl’s side is square – the same shapes as their character designs.

#7 The hairline of fishes in “Finding Nemo”

Source: Disney

The most amazing thing about “Finding Nemo” is how they give a receding hairline to a fish. The hairlines are perfect and varied. You can see the fish in the movie are very diverse and special in their own way.

#8 Size of coffee cups in Monsters, Inc. factory

Source: Disney

In Monsters, Inc. (2001), there are multiple sizes of coffee cup for each of the different sized monsters. Maybe there is another restroom with tiny toilets.

#9 Sully’s chair

Source: Disney

Sully’s chair is built with a slot through which he can slip his tail for comfy seating in “Monsters, Inc.” (2001). It’s true to say that Monsters, Inc is the peak of Pixar’s world-building.

#10 Apple reference in Monsters, Inc

Source: Disney

On the back of the magazine that Mike Wazowski holds up to celebrate his new successful business with James P. “Sulley” Sullivan, there is an advertisement for a computer. The motto of the campaign is “Scare Different,” a play on Apple’s “Think Different.” In 1997, Jobs returned to Apple as CEO, and launched the company’s “Think Different” campaign.