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10 Times Disney Sidekicks Stole The Villain’s Spotlight With Their Smartness

Disney has a knack for using antagonists to illustrate the path of the main character. However, it is because of their infinite ambition and clever schemes that the villains also receive a lot of support from the audience. Maleficent, or Yzma, is a great illustration of how the baddies gain more attention than the heroes!

And, to be able to succeed with their evil plots, the villains always have a sidekick with them. These sidekicks can be a servant or fun pets, but in fact, there are times when they shine brighter than their owners! It could be a case of the villain falling to notice anything, coming up with a good idea, or lying for an extended period of time. In any case, these evil sidekicks indicate that you can be smarter than a Disney villain.

Here are ten times when the villain’s sidekicks outsmart his master or partner! Check it out all the way to the end, and don’t forget to tell us how many times you found it!

#1 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs – The Magic Mirror knows all

Source: Disney

The imprisoned spirit of the Magic Mirror might theoretically be considered a sidekick, despite the fact that he serves The Queen. When the Queen commands it, the Magic Mirror knows everything and will tell her the truth and information. As a result, no matter what the Queen does, the Mirror is smarter than her. With this in mind, the Magic Mirror could be considered the most intellectual of the Disney villain sidekicks!

#2 The Lion King – The hyenas take down Scar

Source: Disney

Hyenas help Scar commit his crimes. Scar, on the other hand, thinks little of them and takes them for granted, despite their cleverness and frequent competency. This was a mistake, as evidenced by his ultimate blunder: blaming them for Mufasa’s death in front of their eyes. The infuriated hyenas easily overpower and slay Scar on the spot, making this moment not only dumb but also fatal.

#3 Treasure Planet – Morph had everyone fooled

Source: Disney

Long John Silver, the movie’s villain, is a cyborg, and Morph, his sidekick, is an amusing piece of mischief who can shapeshift into anything at pleasure. In a pivotal scene in the film, protagonist Jim Hawkins seizes the map just as Silver is about to reach it. When the ship is overrun by pirates, Jim flees, only to discover after they crash that the map was Morph all along, and the genuine map is still onboard. Morph had everyone deceived, regardless of who would have grabbed the “map.”

#4 Aladdin – Jafar marrying Jasmine was Iago’s idea

Source: Disney

Iago, Jafar’s noisy parrot, is seldom far from his side. While Iago is loud and arrogant, he is also skilled and intelligent. In actuality, it was Iago who devised the plan for Jafar to gain the throne by marrying Jasmine and then dispatching her and the Sultan. Jafar was enthralled by the concept and sought but failed, to carry it out.

#5 Robin Hood – Sir Hiss wasn’t fooled by Robin Hood

Source: Disney

Sir Hiss is shown to be consistently competent and increasingly perceptive throughout the film. He only succeeds in his missions because of the heroes’ fast thinking and his boss’s folly. This is most clear when Robin Hood and Little John disguise themselves as fortune tellers, then as wealthy spectators and archery contest competitors. Hiss was suspicious both times, but the Prince dismissed him.

#6 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs – The huntsman fooled The Queen about the heart

Source: Disney

The Huntsman, unable to execute the assignment, makes Snow White flee and instead offers the Evil Queen a pig’s heart. To be fair to the Queen, it would have been difficult to distinguish between a human and a pig’s heart without a closer look. Nonetheless, she trusted the Huntsman’s word without inquiry, which was a mistake. The Queen would have had no idea that Snow White was still alive if it hadn’t been for the Magic Mirror.

#7 The Emperor’s New Groove – Kronk makes a good point about Yzma’s potion labels

Source: Disney

Kronk tells Yzma that Kuzco was given a llama potion instead of the intended poison “To be fair, your potions all seem the same to me. You might want to consider renaming a few of them.” This scene is hilarious because Kronk, who is generally dim-witted, is expressing exactly what the audience is thinking: that an intelligent scientist like Yzma should have a lot more obvious labeling system for her potions.

#8 101 Dalmatians – Horace spotted the puppies first

Source: Disney

Cruella De Vil’s wicked aim in 101 Dalmatians was to have a coat made of Dalmatian pups, for which she employs robbers Jasper and Horace. The Dalmatians disguise themselves as black Labradors using soot in a daring escape. Horace wonders aloud as they cross the road if they are the Dalmatians in disguise, only to be dismissed by Jasper. Although it is fair to conclude that Horace is the least intelligent of the three, this is the one time when he was correct.

#9 Pocahontas – Wiggins knew what was up

Source: Disney

Wiggins was more interested in housekeeping and gift baskets than with gold prospecting, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t paying attention. “Because we invaded their land and cut up┬átheir trees and dug up their earth?” Wiggins says when Ratcliffe asks why they were attacked by Pocahontas’ tribe. Wiggins, unlike Ratcliffe, was not blinded by greed. He even bemoans the fact that Ratcliffe was “highly recommended.”

#10 Hercules – Pain and Panic kept a big secret from Hades for 18 years

Source: Disney

Pain and Panic are the clumsy henchmen of the hot-headed god of the Underworld, Hades. Panic panic out after they fail horribly to kill the baby Hercules, until Pain points out that they don’t have to notify Hades, allowing them to keep a huge secret for 18 years. It’s an amazing achievement to keep something so significant hidden from a wicked god. They might have kept the secret to the very end if it hadn’t been for Meg.