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This Cute Video Of Curious Cat Helping His Human Make Pottery Will Make Your Day

Cats are curious creatures, and sometimes curiosity plus naivety can create something super cute! This adorable footage captures a moment when a cat sees his owner making pottery for the first and wants to give hand to his project.

The fascinated cat, named Mike, watched his human intently as he was putting a clay vase on a pottery wheel. He was giving a demonstration of his craft during The Gathering in Downtown Rogers, Arkansas.

After a while, the feline seemed excited and curious about the moving machine. While his human was forming the shape he wanted, Mike decided that he should land him a hand.

Cat Helps With Pottery

Jim Young, his owner, was surprised at his cat’s actions. And of course, Mike’s cuteness brought people good laughs and fun.

“That was good. Are you catching this?” said Kim Young, to his cat.

This video is so sweet and cute, and we are sure you’ll love it! Share it with your family and friends.


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