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Stop Hating Cats! Woman Stealthy Throwing Her BF’s Cat Finally Gets What She Deserves

We will never know what’s wrong with people disliking cats so much. The media have been hearing pieces of news about cats being abused, hit, or even dumped by people. Recently, on Subreddit r/AITA, someone has shared something similar with their cat.

The Reddit user named Astonished_Hound has told a story about his three-year-old black cat, Raven, getting kicked out of his flat just because his GF didn’t like him.

Source: Astonished_Hound

To cut a long story short, the girlfriend moved into his flat after two years in love. The point was that her BF was living with Raven the black cat whom she clearly disliked. Therefore, the woman decided to throw the cat away while her BF went out for a walk.

And, what happened when the man got home and didn’t see his cat? He was very nervous. Luckily, one of his friends found Raven and brought him back to his house. According to the man, Raven was an indoor cat and he never played outside. The man asked his GF if she had kicked the cat out and she admitted it.

Raven was just a cat, and it was unfair for him to be treated in that way. Moreover, the woman didn’t have a right to throw her BF’s pet out of his house.

Source: Astonished_Hound

Susan Petanga, a certified life coach from “The Quiet Zone Coaching” expressed her opinion about the case:

“If the girlfriend wasn’t comfortable with it she shouldn’t have moved in in the first place. By throwing the cat out to fend for itself, the girlfriend showed a lack of compassion not only for the cat but for the boyfriend, too. This really isn’t the kind of person you want to have a relationship with.”

If you agree with Mrs. Susan, we think that you are waiting for a punishment for the girlfriend.

At the end of the story, the man required his GF to get out of his house despite knowing that she would be homeless after that. Here is what he wrote.

Source: Astonished_Hound

People showed their agreement with him and said that nothing good can come out of this relationship.

This story teaches us a lesson which is to choose a person who has similar values to yours. Don’t be afraid to communicate openly and honestly. Couples cohabiting before marriage is normal, but make sure you have honest conversations with your partners and solve your problems sooner than later. If you can’t, then move on.

H/T: Bored Panda


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