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A “World War Hulk” Film Is Rumored To Begin Production Next Year

A rumor that emerged in the last few hours has suggested that Marvel Studios is actively working to bring the famous World War Hulk comic miniseries to the big screen. This possibility was reported by TheGWW – a pretty reliable source on the subject.

Accordingly, the production of this movie is already scheduled for 2022. Furthermore, the events narrated in the film would be the direct sequel to the narrative arc that will develop into She-Hulk, a series arriving next year on Disney+ in which Mark Ruffalo will return as the Hulk.

Source: Marvel Studios

If the development of a cinematic project based on World War Hulk is officially announced, it will be the confirmation of an important novelty within Marvel. The last time Hulk was the protagonist of a stand-alone film was in 2008 with The Incredible Hulk. It was distributed by Universal Pictures – the company that holds the management of the rights to the character and grossed $264.8 million worldwide.

After the acquisition by Disney, Marvel Studios then re-appropriated the distribution rights to its historical characters such as Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, which until then had been distributed under Paramount Pictures. However, unlike the aforementioned heroes, Hulk remained under the management of Universal.

Source: Marvel Studios


Disney has never been interested in producing a film centered around a character whose distribution rights are in the hands of another studio, (apart from Spider-Man which is a sui-generis case) and this is the fact that explains why after 2008, the Hulk only appeared as a team member or as a sidekick and didn’t get any other stand-alone film of his own. Therefore, an adaptation of World War Hulk would be the confirmation of the Green Goliath’s complete return to his parent company.

As Marvel fans already know, World War Hulk is a miniseries published by Marvel Comics in 2007. Consisting of five main issues conceived by Greg Park and created by John Romita Jr., Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, it follows the events narrated in the previous Planet Hulk story arc and introduces the debut of the most furious and powerful version of the green-skinned humanoid.

Source: Marvel Comics

She-Hulk will soon arrive on Disney+ in 2022, so we just have to wait to see whether a World War Hulk movie will actually be confirmed in this series, and how it will possibly connect to She-Hulk‘s storyline. If World War Hulk indeed starts filming next year, there’s a good chance that it will hit theaters in 2023 or a bit later.