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China: 174 Foxes Bred In Captivity On Fur Farm Feel The Ground For The First Time

While it’s important to save animals to ensure the ecosystem balance, it’s even more important to let them grow up in the wild, their natural habitat. That’s why many reserves and national parks are established.

Farms are also the shelters of many animals, but they are set up for another purpose. These places keep animals and earn money on them. And when they stop working, we can’t imagine what will happen to the animals there.

Earlier this year, one hundred and seventy-four foxes were luckily rescued from a farm in China that was about to be closed down. After years of being bred in captivity, that was the first time they got to feel the ground.

Source: Karen Gifford

These foxes were found by Bohe, who worked as a Chinese animal rights activist. He had a great co-worker, animal rescuer Karen Gifford, who offered help and assisted Bohe in many of his rescues to save dogs from meat markets. Knowing that the foxes were going to be liberated, Bohe contacted Karen and she immediately shared it on Facebook to ask for support.

Source: Karen Gifford

“born in the spring and skinned in the winter. It’s horrifying for sure,” she wrote.

Source: Karen Gifford

Luckily, the post was seen by a Buddhist monastery that offered to foster the animals until the activists could afford to construct a sanctuary for them.

The touching moment when 174 foxes finally got a chance to feel freedom for the first time was captured in the video at this link.

At the beginning of the video, the poor animals were loaded in tiny cages into the trucks for transport. They looked a little frightened. But they were going to a much better place.

Once they arrived at Buddhist Jilin Nursery Garden, they were all set free, one by one. They immediately thrilled the wonderful feelings by roaming around their new home, sniffing at everything in sight.

Source: Karen Gifford

We want to show a warm thank to Bohe, Mrs. Gifford, and other people who are working for the benefit of animals. Despite the fact that constructing a sanctuary for the foxes costs an arm and a leg, they still decide to save these poor animals.

Source: Karen Gifford

If you want to support their work and provide these pups a good place to live, please do so through Paypal.

H/T: Sharably


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