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When Delivery Drivers’ Left-Hand Job Is Photographer, Their “Proof Of Delivery” Snaps Are Hilarious

Sometimes, we are so preoccupied with work that we don’t have enough time to cook our own meals. Therefore, why don’t we order lunch or dinner outside? Thanks to the presence of delivery services, we don’t have to go to the restaurants to buy food, just stay at home and wait for your meal delivered to your door. This method is not only convenient but also time-saving, and it has become a perfect option during the Covid-19 pandemic.

To follow social distancing rules, many delivery businesses came up with a clever solution that is no-contact delivery. They then made a requirement of taking a picture of the package as it arrived at the customer’s location. This was quite normal until delivery drivers sent funny “proof of delivery” photos to their customers and those pics cracked them up. Scroll down to check them out. If you have been in such hilarious situations, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

#1. “I’m crying”

Source: T___rash

#2. “I ordered instacart like a year and a half ago and the driver got me looking like an absolute goblin”

Source: inspidior_

#3. “Mine sent this one.”

Source: The_Manzino

#4. “This surprised me when I delivered the order”

Source: ghostie_18

#5. “I still do not understand…”

Source: CAm_Alleg3dIy

#6. “This is your GrubHub driver, Lawrence. I’ve left your order outside of your front door”

Source: heathen_chyld

#7. “I had no clue they were supposed to take a picture so when he was like, I need to take a picture, I”

Source: samuel_ernest

#8. You had one job

Source: arishok_s

#9. “My door dasher uploaded this picture as proof of delivery”

Source: SarakiJoon

#10. In tears

Source: misslady_ashley

#11. “Sis I feel your pain”

Source: cxLeslie_Bethcx

#12. “My new favorite type of photography”

Source: crabsmashers

#13. “Mine can’t open my gate and just kinda drop it on the inside”

Source: janasiaxmarie

#14. “Barely got my food in the shot. This man just wanted a picture of my cat”

Source: BigSimp1n

#15. “Omfg the same thing happened to me one time”

Source: MarcRyan17

#16. “This was mine”

Source: Bri_squared623

#17. “Same”

Source: brookesdaughter

#18. “Mine captured my Socks n’ Crocs”

Source: alffiesta

#19. “Omg this reminds me of the time a small child was sent to deliver my food and I was smacked and unshowered and NOT READY”

Source: hayleybbear

#20. “I regret not posing better”

Source: ClaireMarie227

#21. “I had a dasher hand my spouse our food and them snapped a picture, allowing me to receive this gem”

Source: queerpeegees

#22. “Same”

Source: bobby_toth_

#23. “Almost caught me slippin”

Source: kyleroberson4

#24. “I’m part raccoon”

Source: nachorykaart

#25. “My mom”

Source: e_mi1k

#26. “Why God let this happen to me I’ll never know”

Source: DylanDougher

#27. “Uber eats did me dirty”

Source: thekerlinej

#28. “I look like a fucking goblin speed running to my food”

Source: Vronnyka

#29. “Pretty much…”

Source: AmethystPhyre

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