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Adorable Footage Shows Giant Pandas Losing Themselves With Joy In Washington DC Snow

Many of us love snow because it is so fun to play with. Just like humans, animals do love snow, and panda is the species to be put on the top of this list.

Recently, Smithsonian National Zoo has released a video showing super-cute footage when two pandas, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, enjoyed flocking around in the snow in Washington DC. The video went viral on the Internet and certainly won the heart of any animal lover.

You can see the two pandas sliding and rolling around in their habitat covered with snow of 2.5 inches in thickness. They simply enjoyed themselves playing around with the weather.

Source: Smithsonian National Zoo

Source: Smithsonian National Zoo

Mei Xiang, born in China, is a 22-year-old female giant panda who weighs about 233 pounds. Tian Tian, whose weight is 264 pounds, is one year older. Their male cub Xiao Qi Ji, five months old, briefly braved the snowy climate before quickly heading back inside.

Despite the freezing weather, Smithsonian’s giant pandas are among several National Zoo animals active during the winter season. They are native to cold environments. In the wild, they often live in mountains. But the temperature in D.C in winter is highly similar to that of their natural habitat. Therefore, it seemed that Mei Xiang and Tian Tian had an ultimate snow day in Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

H/T: smithsonianmag.com

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