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Losing a leg due to stepping on a rusty nail while shopping, the woman was compensated $10 million

Walmart has paid $10 million to a woman who said she was injured while shopping.

Source: Daily Mail

According to the source, a woman filed a lawsuit against Walmart in 2017 because she stepped on a rusty nail in the store entrance while shopping, which led to an infection and had to have part of her leg amputated. However, Walmart said it did not trust the information about the injury provided by her.

April Jones shared that at the time, she was walking at a store in Florence in 2015 when the nail went through her shoe and stuck in her foot. She then went to the hospital for treatment of her injuries. Jones was vaccinated against tetanus and prescribed antibiotics to take home. Her lawyers said the wound soon became infected and eventually required amputation of her leg, including the toes and most of her right foot.

According to the report, her attorneys said Jones had been wheelchair bound for the past six years. The law firm Anastopoulo, Jones’s agency, said: “Her daily life was significantly interrupted.”

She sued Walmart in 2017, and this year, a Florence County jury awarded Jones’ damages last month. Jones’ attorneys say she will use the money to buy a prosthetic leg, remodel her house to make her wheelchair easier to use, and pay past medical bills. “The pain from her injuries and three surgeries has resulted in her loss of enjoyment of life and change in her personality, all to the permanent detriment to her health and physical wellbeing”

Source: Insider

Roy Willey IV, one of Jones’ attorneys, said: “The jury sent a message to Walmart that if you come into Florence County and injure one of their own, they will make sure that person is taken care of,”

Randy Hargrove, a spokeswoman for Walmart, said that the store did its best to ensure the safety of customers. However, he added that they do not believe Jones’ injury was caused by stepping on a rusty nail. “We appreciate the jury’s service, however we do not believe the verdict is supported by the evidence or that Ms. Jones’ injury resulted from what was alleged in her complaint,” the spokesperson said.

Walmart recently had to receive another judgment, the retailer had to pay $ 2.1 million in punitive damages to an Alabama woman who was accused of shoplifting. The lawsuit was filed in 2016, when employees didn’t believe the woman had paid for her groceries.

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