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Joker And His Emotional Moments That Make Him The Most Loved Villain Of All Time

From the moment I saw the trailer of “Joker”, I thought that I’m going to love this film. And the movie didn’t let me down as I had a chance to see it in the theaters. It is recommended as one of the best American psychological thriller films in 2019, telling a story of mentally troubled comedian Arthur Fleck being disregarded by society. However, Arthur is just one of many other people who, in their real lives, are getting affected by what society is treating them and how they define them to be.

As you watch the movie, you’ll see more emotional scenes in which Joker’s stories of life bawl your eyes out. Here are some of them. Scroll down and enjoy this article! (WARNING: Massive spoilers ahead for “Joker.”)

1. Joker finding out his relationship is not real

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The moment when Joker realizes his romantic relationship is fake has certainly won thousands of hearts. He has prepared everything in mind, just to help him deal with that moment. But then, when viewers see him show up at the apartment because of having a bad day, their hearts arch for him!

2. Arthur and Thomas Wayne face to face in the bathroom scene

Source: Joker

Authur has been dealing with so much rattling inside his head that he even doesn’t know what’s real, what he can rely on, and what he can’t. He was told by his mother that he was Thomas’ illegitimate son. But when the two confronted each other in the bathroom, he denied that. Thomas even told Arthur that it was his mother who adopted him. Then, the moment Joker admitted he just wanted his father’s love was touching enough.

3. Arthur killing Murray

Source: Joker

This moment is emotional because it gives the audience the feeling like they are seeing from Arthur’s view. Before shooting Murray in her head, here was what Joker said: “What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society that abandons him and treats him like trash? — You get what you f**cking deserve.”

This is one of the best quotes in the movie that leaves people to think of how Joker got to this place, and why he did what he did. While such a villain should be created to make people scared, it seems like they all fell for him for that moment.

4. Social worker fundings getting cut

This is the scene when Arthur learns that the funding has been cut, which means he’ll no longer meet with his social worker. His concern is getting his medicine. As the movie goes on, Arthur losing out on his medication is something the government should have been more concerned about.

5. Arthur getting sacked

Source: Joker

Arthur gets fired from a children’s hospital for bringing a gun on him. That is just a way for self-protection as he doesn’t want to be beaten up again. However, the way he behaves has misguided people, and he doesn’t have any chance to explain.

6. Killing three guys on the subway

Source: Joker

It is a really intense scene. At first, it seems like Arthur doesn’t want to do so, but he has to do to defend himself., However, when he hunts down on a guy who’s getting away, it is clear that he really needs some help. But there is nowhere for him to turn.

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