15 Funny Moments Describing What Zodiac Signs Are Like When They Try To Be Calm

There's no denying that the worst thing you say to someone when they're in a rage is "Calm down." It's like "adding insult to injury" because not everyone can calm themselves down when they're angry.
In particular, to the fiery-tempered signs like Aries, Scorpios, or Leo, it seems to be so hard to control their emotions. Hence, if you see these signs close their eyes, become quiet, and take a deep breath, shut your mouth up because they're attempting to calm their anger. So, don't try to test their patience unless you want to get into trouble.
It will be better if the person you encounter is a Taurus, Cancer, or Aquarius because they're more patient than other signs and know how to stay calm. However, when everything is beyond their limits, let's be careful because they might be like time bombs. For more, watch these memes to discover how zodiac signs look when they try to be calm now.

#1 Ohhh! Here "we" go

Source: libras.society

#2 Shit! "I'm" dead

Source: cancerperfect

#3 Do you want to die?

Source: scorpiosaga

#4 “…Please.. just please“

Source: onlyforaquarius

#5 LOL! Those aren't your friends. Find better people

Source: taurus.perfect

#6 Why don't you understand "my" fake laugh?

Source: taurusimply

#7 What does a Scorpio do when it gets cold?

Source: scorpiosaga

#8 How do you know that?

Source: ariesperfect

#9 Lmao! They're already calm

Source: ariesperfect

#10 Based on a true story...?

Source: taurus.perfect

#11 Dam! That’s crazy

Source: geminihumour

#12 Hi, "I'm" Gemini. Wanna play?

Source: gemini.tale

#13 This phrase makes "me" angrier

Source: scorpiomindsx

#14 Never do that!

Source: scorpiomindsx

#15 Not fun, man

Source: gemini.sensitivity

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