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8 Excellent DC Animations That Deserve Their Own Live-Action Right Now

In recent years, movies adapted from superhero comic books have become an explosive movement that takes Hollywood by storm. At the moment, the wave of superhero movies is reaching its saturation point with many prominent hits like The Avengers, X Men, or Batman v Superman. However, the wonderful world of comics still has many interesting things that have yet to be exploited, for example the 8 outstanding DC animated movies we are about to introduce to you right now!

#1. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (2009)

Source: DC Entertainment Inc/Warner Bros. Animation

The DCEU didn’t really give Batman and Superman a chance to skirmish side by side. Instead, they spent most of their screen time confronting each other – mostly in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (which was based on the 2005 comics by Jeph Loeb), the two famous DC heroes had the opportunity to collaborate to fight against Lex Luthor and it was surely a joy to watch.

#2. Justice League: Gods And Monsters (2015)

Source: DC Entertainment Inc/Warner Bros. Animation

It seems that Warner Bros. is now no longer interested in one big story, but it rather chooses to explore different possibilities in the DC multiverse with each movie instead. And since the studio is working on new DC experiments, Justice League: Gods and Monsters is not a bad choice to bring to the screen.

#3. Batman Vs. Robin (2015)

Source: DC Entertainment Inc/Warner Bros. Animation

Another DC animated movie that followed the original is Batman vs. Robin, which attempted to turn Scott Snyder’s The Court of Owls (2011) into a sequel to Son of Batman (2014) when a secret society of assassins brought Bruce Wayne into conflict with his son Damian. Apparently, Warner Bros. is working on a trilogy for Robert Pattinson’s Batman and perhaps one of them will be inspired by Court of Owls. This is also an opportunity to introduce Robin to the DCEU.

#4. Batman: The Killing Joke (2016)

Source: DC Entertainment Inc/Warner Bros. Animation

If it truly becomes live-action, Batman: The Killing Joke could be an important part of Batman’s journey on screen. However, some fans believe that Alan Moore’s 1988 animated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke was too faithful to the original. Since we already have a very dark yet fascinating story for The Clown Prince of Crime with Joker (2019), perhaps the producer should remove the flashbacks and use the conflict between The Joker and The Dark Knight as the starting point for an epic showdown on the big screen.

#5. Justice League Vs. Teen Titans (2016)

Source: DC Entertainment Inc/Warner Bros. Animation

Damian Wayne also appeared in an animated movie called Justice League vs. Teen Titans, which revolves around our beloved teenagers when they discovered that Superman, Batman and others were being controlled by Trigon (Raven’s father). This storyline would be perfect for a Teen Titans spinoff produced by HBO and aired on HBO Max as well.

#6. Batman: Hush (2019)

Source: DC Entertainment Inc/Warner Bros. Animation

Another popular Jeph Loeb comics that was later transformed into animation is Batman: Hush, in which Bruce Wayne discovered that a new criminal terrorizing Gotham City had something to do with his past. Most fans, however, agree that the animated film doesn’t quite live up to the original, which was released in 2002 and 2003. So, a live-action version could offer us a great sequel to the upcoming The Batman by Matt Reeves, especially when Batman’s complicated relationship with Catwoman comes into the spotlight.

#7. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020)

Source: DC Entertainment Inc/Warner Bros. Animation

To put it simply, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War can be considered the Avengers: Endgame of the DCEU with many similarities to the Justice League molded by Zack Snyder. This animated hit should be made into live-action since members of Justice League Dark will be featured in the upcoming HBO Max series and fans would love to watch them alongside classic DC heroes!

#8. Superman: Red Son (2020)

Source: DC Entertainment Inc/Warner Bros. Animation

Another Elseworlds story that’s fun to explore in live-action is Superman: Red Son. What if Kal-El, instead of crashing into Smallville, had landed in the Soviet Union? Mark Millar’s exploration of that question leads to one of the darkest and most exciting stories in Man of Steel’s history, and it could totally turn into a compelling and epic blockbuster on the big screen, not to mention Warner Bros. can choose whoever it want to play this version of Superman since this isn’t a mainstream story at all.

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