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10 Times Disney Sidekicks Are More Dominant Than Heroes

Usually, in Disney movies, the princesses are the most prominent characters and the most loved by the audience. However, it must also be recognized that the role of supporting characters (sidekicks) contributes to making the whole film more impressive.

They’re more than simply lovely cartoon critters who stick around with the main characters. In these animated films, your favorite Disney secondary characters play pivotal roles. Even the bravest Disney hero requires the support of a buddy to help them go through their difficulties and to cheer them on when things get tough. Plus, sidekicks are the ones that will make you laugh, whether it’s because of their naughty antics or because they get to say funny lines.

Therefore, these supporting characters sometimes become more dominant than their leading counterpart.

#1 Mushu – Mulan

Source: Disney

Mulan is a fantastic character, unquestionably one of the most adored and heroic of the Disney Princesses. Mushu, on the other hand, is unquestionably the most memorable character in the film. Mushu has a saucy mouth that gets the team in trouble all the time, but he’s loyal and a great hype guy. He becomes a near-perfect Disney sidekick because to his fluid motions, crazy expressions, and hilarious timing.

#2 Sebastian – The Little Mermaid

Source: Disney

Ariel’s put-upon bodyguard, the crab is a pompous member of King Triton’s court. Sebastian wants to shatter Ariel’s ambitions of exploring the globe. However, he gradually comes around and wants Ariel to achieve her happy ending with Eric. Despite the fact that he’s mostly known for being the target of the film’s physical humor, I’ll always remember him as a grumpy crustacean.

#3 The Genie – Aladdin

Source: Disney

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard about Robin Williams’ Genie? He is the reason people watch Disney’s original Aladdin. Genie may easily lose control of his abilities or, like Jafar, try to use them for evil. Instead, he’s a down-to-earth guy who also happens to be a good buddy. He saves Aladdin from a number of situations while also providing plenty of humorous relief.

#4 Pumbaa – The Lion King

Source: Disney

Pumbaa is without a doubt my favorite Lion King character. The hilarious initial reaction when he and Timone come to find a prostrate infant Simba in the desert is, “Can we keep him?” Pumbaa’s heart is even larger than his stomach, which is rather impressive.

#5 Baymax – Big Hero 6

Source: Disney

Which character first comes to mind when someone hears the term “Big Hero 6”? That’s for sure, it’s not Hiro Hamada. Is it any surprise that he became the film’s face, with his kind manner, passive-yet-quirky delivery, and soft, cuddly appearance encased in brilliant red power armor

#6 Baloo – The Jungle Book

Source: Disney

Baloo devises wild plans, battles Shere Khan, and defies his predetermined ideology of spending life leisurely to save Mowgli. He is also a highly amusing character with many famous moments, such as when he dresses up in the song “I Wanna Be Like You,” the classic song “The Bare Necessities,” and many more.

#7 Maximus – Tangled

Source: Disney

Maximus, as the Captain of the Guards’ horse, has made it his personal duty to apprehend Flynn Rider, the wanted felon. Max has the ability to sprint, leap, and follow Flynn to locations where no other guard (or horse) will go. He was liked because of his acts without saying anything.

#8 Lumiere & Cogsworth – Beauty And The Beast

Source: Disney

Because of their opposing personalities, Lumiere and Cogsworth make an excellent sidekick pair. The two are continuously at odds with one another, which results in some hilarious scenes and a very touching sequence when they both save each other during the film’s last battle. While their existence differs from the original historical story of “Beauty and the Beast”, they manage to reflect its themes in a similar way to Belle and the Beast.

#9 Three Good Fairies – Sleeping Beauty

Source: Disney

The secondary characters in “Sleeping Beauty” get more attention than the main characters. Although it is most known for being the picture that introduced audiences to Maleficent, there is much to be said about the Three Good Fairies. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather aren’t your standard Fairy Godmothers, but they have a lot more personality than Cinderella’s one scene.

#10 Timothy Q. Mouse – Dumbo

Source: Disney

Timothy acts as if he is Dumbo’s elder brother, which is quite endearing to see. He is feisty and headstrong. After saving Dumbo from some bullies, he and Dumbo develop a very sympathetic bond. Timothy is thus a more active character than Dumbo.