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Tired of stability, the 34-year-old man quits his job with a salary of nearly $100,000 a year to pursuit “strange” passion

With only 5kg of luggage, Shotaro Ichihashi lived for more than 3 years without a home. His way of life is also an emerging trend in Japan.

Shotaro Ichihashi, 34 years old, was hired by a technology company after graduating from college. He used to earn more than $100,000 a year. It can be said that his salary is the dream of many people.

Source: Toutiao

However, 3 years ago, he gave up his stable job to become a freelancer.

The vicious circle called “stability”

Ichihashi is a freelancer in the marketing industry, serving many different companies and does not have a fixed office. You just need an internet connection to be able to work anywhere.

Previously, he had a fixed place to live, repeating the same routine every day, which was to go out to work and then walk home. Over time, Ichihashi gradually feels that life is too boring.

While stuck with monotonous routines, he happened to meet a senior in college on the street, and he was looking for a place to stay on Airbnb every day.

Shotaro Ichihashi couldn’t hide his surprise at this lifestyle. Also from here, he came up with a new idea to change his life. Not long after that, he decided to give up his permanent home and change where he lives every day.

Source: Toutiao

Minimalist life to the maximum

Many are skeptical that this way of living will even cost more than renting a house. However, before making a decision, Mr. Ichihashi thoroughly investigated the cost of this way of life. He discovered that there are many places where you can live for around $27 a night.

According to Ichihashi’s calculations, the monthly accommodation fee if not fixed is about $1100, an average of about $40 yen per night.

Meanwhile, it costs him $800 to rent a fixed house every month. But in return, if in the mobile model, he does not need to pay the deposit, electricity and water bills and other small expenses, nor clean up. In addition, he also saved money to take a taxi home when he was too late for work.

It can be said that the price when staying in these two styles is not too different.

However, people will continue to wonder that if not in a fixed place, how will the furniture settle? Ichihashi said he only brought essential toiletries, a few clothes to wash and a computer. Thanks to that, every day and he can easily carry his luggage on his back when leaving. The things he brought with him weighed only about 5 kilograms.

In terms of furniture and home appliances, Ichihashi sells everything on a second-hand basis. Leftovers like clothes are packed in cartons and sent on a platform that provides storage services. The convenient point is that we can take it out and use it at any time.

Source: Toutiao

Laundry is handled more simply because it only needs to be deposited at the laundromat. In addition, not having a fixed home also has the convenience that if you go on a business trip that day, you can directly choose the nearest resting place, saving time and energy.
His wallet is even simplified, leaving only the necessary paperwork and cash. He learned to eliminate unnecessary membership cards and minimize the items to facilitate travel.

At first, Ichihashi just wanted to try this lifestyle for a bit, but it has been 3 years.

Turn your passion into an opportunity to make money

After living a mobile life, Mr. Ichihashi has made many new friends. They are people who share the same ideals and from which a new business model emerges.

On the surface few people know that these people dressed as homeless actually have their own company. To prepare for this “heavenly” life, Ichihashi learned to take care of the smallest things.

Source: Toutiao

As the number of people pursuing this lifestyle increased, Shotaro Ichihashi and friends immediately seized the opportunity. Together they created a dedicated service called “address funnel”.

Accordingly, each person only needs to pay $350 monthly, they can choose to stay at any place included in the service.

They can absolutely stay in the remodeled train house in Kumamoto Prefecture, the hot spring villa in Shizuoka Prefecture, the old house in Chiba Prefecture where the sound of the waves can be heard… Initially, there were more than 1,100 people signed up but later the number increases every day.

The remodeled train house in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Source: Toutiao


Two months ago, Shotaro Ichihashi and his chef girlfriend got married. Because they are people with the same life point, their lives have not changed too much. However, some people think that if they had children, perhaps the couple would not be able to maintain such a life every day.

Shotato and his wife.

Source: Toutiao

However, despite the rumors of outsiders, both Shotaro Ichihashi and his wife continued to pursue their own lives. He said, this type of life has only appeared for a few years, of course, errors cannot be avoided. However, he believes that there will be a satisfactory solution to these problems.

Even Ichihashi isn’t sure what the future holds. But he is sure that trying to break the mold and make life more convenient is what really makes life worth living.


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