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2 minutes reading these 5 things and your working efficiency will change forever

These 5 simple techniques will help you to work more efficient from today till ever:

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Say “no” at least one time a day:

The task that is prioritised always pushes your efficiency to the limit, so that it may ask you to say “no” to some less important things.

When you force yourself to say “no” to at least one thing per day, you will learn how to save up your time and easily refuse anything that is not that important to you. That is a priceless skill that you should master.

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 Remove one task in your “Every day to-do list”

Not everything should be in your “everyday to-do list”. Removing at least one task a day can free you from those burdens, and make you more focused on the important ones. Always organise your tasks from most urgent to least.

Stop procrastinating! Complete the task you hate most

The work that you’ve been ignoring every day is usually the most severe one. When you follow what you’ve assigned yourself each day, you will have more spirit to fulfil the other things on your to-do list, which will increase your working efficiency.

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 Solve the hardest part first

Always prioritise your tasks and work with the hardest one first, that’s when you still have full energy.

 Using an email template

Half of your emails may have the same content.

Next time, before sending an email to someone, save it. Then you will not waste time typing the same email and the same information to other people. Now just a few editing steps and done.