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47 Stunning Pop Art Posters Of Famous Character That Will Leave You In Awe

We have seen plenty of impressive fan works before, but this poster collection is still something truly mesmerizing and unique. If you love the pop art style and you are also a cinephile at heart, then this awesome combination is definitely right up your street! Feating the familiar faces of hit movies and series like Star Wars, Game Of Thrones or Stranger Things, but it is still a fresh take for the eyes with a variety of abstract geometric shapes and super eye-catching colors that make them really stand out on dark backgrounds.

The artist behind these stunning paintings is Alessandro Pautasso (who also goes by Kaneda on social media), a talented illustrator from Turin, Italy who is a big fan of pop culture. Pautasso’s clients include many big names like The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Universal and Sony, so it’s actually no surprise that he always comes up with brilliant pieces of art that can leave anyone in awe.

Just scroll down and take a look at these 47 illustrations below, they are surely worth your time and attention!

#1. Eleven

Source: kaneda99

#2. Joker

Source: kaneda100

#3. Jason Voorhees

Source: kaneda101

#4. Hulk

Source: kaneda102

#5. Terminator

Source: kaneda103

#6. Wolverine

Source: kaneda104

#7. Leeloo

Source: kaneda105

#8. Mia Wallace

Source: kaneda106

#9. Rey

Source: kaneda107

#10. Iron Man

Source: kaneda108

#11. Totoro

Source: kaneda109

#12. Jack Skellington

Source: kaneda110

#13. Spider-Man

Source: kaneda111

#14. Edward Scissorhands

Source: kaneda112

#15. Freddy Krueger

Source: kaneda113

#16. Marty McFly

Source: kaneda114

#17. Darth Vader

Source: kaneda115

#18. Mathilda and Léon

Source: kaneda116

#19. Steve Urkel

Source: kaneda117

#20. Stormtrooper

Source: kaneda118

#21. Thor

Source: kaneda119

#22. Doc Brown

Source: kaneda120

#23. Jack Torrance

Source: kaneda121

#24. Arya Stark

Source: kaneda122

#25. Fox Mulder

Source: kaneda123

#26. Wall-E

Source: kaneda124

#27. Carl Fredricksen

Source: kaneda125

#28. Daenerys Targaryen

Source: kaneda126

#29. Mike Wazowski

Source: kaneda127

#30. Jon Snow

Source: kaneda128

#31. Buzz Lightyear

Source: kaneda129

#32. Yoda

Source: kaneda130

#33. Catwoman

Source: kaneda131

#34. Luke Skywalker

Source: kaneda132

#35. Dana Scully

Source: kaneda133

#36. Mr. Stay-Puft

Source: kaneda134

#37. Night King

Source: kaneda135

#38. Imperator Furiosa

Source: kaneda136

#39. K-2SO

Source: kaneda137

#40. Vincent Vega

Source: kaneda138

#41. E.T.

Source: kaneda139

#42. Padmé Amidala

Source: kaneda140

#43. Ellen Ripley

Source: kaneda141

#44. Kevin McCallister

Source: kaneda142

#45. Kylo Ren

Source: kaneda143

#46. Emily the Corpse Bride

Source: kaneda144

#47. Rachael

Source: kaneda145

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