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These Famous Brands Should Consider Changing Their Slogans

Every brand has its own specific logo for people to recognize immediately. But not everyone knows precisely the slogans of these brands. A slogan is usually short, catchy and it has to make a deep impression on customers so that when purchasing products, people would be more likely to select their brand. Overall, the slogan is a form of marketing and it should be conveyed most honestly.

However, many hold a belief that some brands have not impacted that honestly. So have you ever wondered “What would happen if these following brands have a truthful slogan for themselves?” To answer your curiosities, here are 17 slogans that are the perfect replacements for the real ones. Let’s explore these to find out whether it’s suitable or not.

#1 Gucci

Gucci: being expensive is literally our entire marketing strategy

Source: Azulaang4ever, c5aeb0c_aeb0c49p

#2 Tiktok

TikTok: Because watching your daughters friends from the window is weird

Source: Jdaddyk07, flickr

#3 Facebook

Facebook: your privacy is our business

Source: Honest-Cicada4897, flickr

#4 Google

Google: We finish your thoughts for you.

Source: URTheCurrentResident, flickr

#5 Microsoft

Microsoft. If there was a way we could force you into a yearly subscription for the very floor your computer sits on, we would

Source: Rhaskiflickr

#6 La Quinta

La Quinta: Spanish for “next to Denny’s”

Source: LeoMariusflickr

#7 Pepsi

Pepsi: “Is Pepsi OK?”

Source: ShutterBun, flickr

#8 Target

Target: The upper-class Walmart

Source: VirtualIce23, flickr

#9 Instagram

Instagram: you’ll never look this good.

Source: BR_Nukzflickr

#10 Reddit

And you thought you were weird. – Reddit

Source: Just_Construction523, flickr

#11 Amazon

Amazon: come make that bald guy even richer while we treat our employees like s**t

Source: Lord-AG, flickr

#12 YouTube

YouTube: You don’t matter to us now watch our double ads!

Source: MuffinRacker342, flickr

#13 Nature Valley

Nature Valley: Crumbs everywhere

Source: codj23, flickr

#14 CocaCola

Coca-Cola: It was better with a hint of cocaine, but type 2 diabetes will have to do.

Source: jillaaa, flickr

#15 BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed: because you’re too lazy to go on Reddit, and we’re too lazy to write original content.

Source: thecookietrain, Buzzfeed

#16 Dove

Dove bar soap: because you’d never buy soap called pigeon

Source: read110, flickr

#17 Tupperware

Tupperware: Have you ever wanted to throw away food, but just not now?

Source: ItsDeCia, flickr

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