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20 People Who Prove That They Deserve To Receive A Reward On Creativity

Actually, when you think you’ve figured out everything in your life, something will happen to react to your thoughts. It’s just like a curveball sent from the universe for you to reconsider some bizarre things that you may not know at all.

It’s obvious that people, despite all of humanity’s shortcomings, are incredibly creative and can come up with some truly odd ideas. It seems to be that these innovative and strange things are really funny. Thus, there is a Subreddit “Of Course That’s a Thing’ subreddit” founded for the sake of compiling these bizarre things and sharing them with more and more people.

Let’s scroll down to see the very best examples of just how peculiar a world we really live in below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section!

#1 3D Technology In China

Source: shakaifuangaarimasu

#2 Let’s normalize same-height parties, LOL

Source: Same-Height Parties

#3 Mowing in second!

Source: Tlvegas

#4 TV hidden under the bed

Source: 5_Frog_Margin

#5 Best solution for marketing!

Source: Alloth-

#6 Doggie bottle opener

Source: Tlvegas

#7 Best swimsuit for enjoying a great day!

Source: Tlvegas

#8 Figures for invisible characters

Source: Figures For Invisible Characters

#9 Gold uterus lapel pin

Source: Gold Uterus Lapel Pin

#10 Is this food or something else?

Source: cuthbert-derek

#11 Just a creative boot

Source: cadoes

#12 This will actually work well when we’re at the party…

Source: SpeckyYT

#13 Finally found one… Wtf

Source: dpaugh

#14 Very fashionable

Source: International-Cow695

#15 Is this Birkenstock Motorcycle…boots?

Source: youcanseemyface

#16 How to deal with glitter when using Adobe PTS?

Source: JacobWard_9

#17 More than lip service, LOL

Source: __red__5

#18 I found this one in a thrift store…

Source: c2theU

#19 Really useful!

Source: RikuXander

#20 Gummies for braining up

Source: PyraminxCuber

#21 This is really idiotic

Source: rickrucksack

#22 Finger surfboard…wanna try?

Source: facelesshero_dale

#23 You need to charge $19 for a piece of cloth…

Source: elektromas

#24 Little stuffed bob boss for my baby

Source: i-really-like-mac

#25 China-style toilet

Source: iamchin

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