20 Ridiculous Designs That Are A Big No-no To Any Cleaner

There is an online group called “Things designed by people who don’t have to clean them”. The admin of this group states that “The design and upkeep of our places are deeply political,” in its “About” section, which aims to show that those who design and those who maintain are not the same people.

In this group, people are sharing about the things that they themselves or others created, but these are really useless and awkward. From the hidden cost of encrusted toilets, rock-covered sinks, or a dog-fur sofa,  the admin seems to remind every designer of the amount of aggravation and time people have spent on them.

So, let’s enjoy this collection of several ridiculous things created by “amateur” designers. And, if you want to see more about this series, comment and let us know.

#1 Found in the wild. My mom, who has no knowledge of Facebook or this group, first words were “Try cleaning that.”

Source: Becky Brinkman

#2 This is my ceiling light. It’s new, and I loved it till I joined this group and realized I have no idea how to clean it

Source: Elana Kehoe

#3 I found a hair on your T-shirt. Who is she?

Source: Ignas Gramba

#4 Toes and shins hurt just looking at this. Hope you like Cobwebs

Source: Scott Martin

#5 This was never a good idea!

Source: Susan Becker

#6 Just stay in the 70s. Thanks

Source: Barby Km

#7 Now imagine that it rains

Source: Jhon Edward Mora Mora

#8 Rock bottom

Source: Giulia Scognamillo

#9 Saw this sink in a bathroom showroom and thought of you my friends. It has actual fish in it

Source: Maryum Farhan

#10 Omg, what is that???

Source: Maryum Farhan

#11 I’m so scared…

Source: Giulia Scognamillo

#12 I present to you my desk chair

Source: Patience Hawkins

#13 Bride decided this was the best way to display her dress after the wedding

Source: Lindy Pearce

#14 I finally have a contribution!! Reminds me of the fuzzy Skeleton someone shared The other day…maybe this one could be thrown in the washer?

Source: Melissa Smith

#15 Omfg, this is giving me a beach vibe

Source: Miguel G. Bouças

#16 This belongs here

Source: Ashley Nichole Frodsham

#17 This was a sink in a public bathroom that I used yesterday

Source: Holly Hass

#18 This activity…

Source: Zineb ZD

#19 Ummm

Source: Aalia V. Hart

#20 My goodness

Source: Aidely Aranda