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5 Billionaire Mindset Traits That Anyone Can Cultivate

For those just starting out in business, there are some common traits among leading billionaires that need to be learnt quickly if they want to succeed.

Source: Oi Canadian

Never cease to lift the bar

Source: CNBC

To be great, one must always be developing and inventing. Assume he/she completed all of his/her objectives for the year. Will he/she maintain those identical targets for next year? No.

That is the same way that Jeff Bezos thinks. He’s constantly on the lookout for the next great achievement. For instance, how can a successful customer service model be further improved? After all, customers themselves will never run out of suggestions during the process of sticking with the business.

“It’s just human nature.” “We didn’t get to where we are today by being contented,” Bezos stated in Amazon’s 2017 annual shareholder letter. “People have an insatiable need for a better way, and yesterday’s ‘wow’ swiftly becomes today’s ‘ordinary.'” [..] You can’t sit back and relax in this rapidly changing globe.

Never get kept back by skeptics

Source: Inc Magazine

Everyone has a multimillion-dollar idea in their head. But one must be courageous and brave to pursue those ideas, especially when others are urging against him/her. That’s what occurred to Sara Blakely, owner of Spanx underwear, when she came up with the plan for footless leggings.

“People uttered things like, ‘Well, if it’s such a brilliant concept, why hasn’t it been thought of before?'” Blakely stated in a LinkedIn post in 2019. “Some chuckled at me, others talked behind my back, and one attorney even assumed me to be something not serious from his pals.”

Blakely was confident in her concept, despite the fact that she had never attended a single business or apparel design lesson in her life. She was aware that she was highly probable to fail, but she also proved that she was right not to listen to the critics. Spanx, started in 2000, is today a multibillion-dollar corporation.

Never stop improving public speaking

Source: CNBC

Exceptional communication abilities are not something that everyone innately possesses. Everything must be practiced to make perfect, not just driving a car but also talking comfortably and effectively in a crowd.

Warren Buffett enrolled in a Dale Carnegie public speaking course after graduating. He had grown up with glossophobia and realized that in order to thrive, overcoming his phobia was a must.

“I don’t have my University of Nebraska diploma up on my office wall, nor do I have my Columbia diploma — but I do have my Dale Carnegie graduation certificate prominently displayed,” the billionaire investor said in an article published in the 2015 book “Getting There: A Book of Mentors.”

Buffett adds, “That $100 course provided me with the most valuable degree I have. It has undoubtedly had the greatest influence on my future achievements.”

Never procrastinate, maintain laser focus

Source: Quora

This world is a highly disruptive place to reside in. And, while work-life balance is crucial, the wealthiest individuals do not get affluent by being self-tolerant and enable the happening of procrastination.

Jeff Bezos explained how he maintains laser focus in a dialogue with his brother, Mark Bezos, at LA’s summit series. The billionaire said he chose to deal with one matter at a time, instead of losing his focus on other problems.

The Amazon chairman remarked, “During dinners with friends or family, I prefer to concentrate on whatever I’m doing. Do not multitask.”

Elon Musk falls into the same type of hardworking performers. Musk’s undergraduate buddy, Navaid Farooq, has described the Tesla CEO as “passionate” and “insistent.”

According to Ashlee Vance’s book “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future,” “when Elon start to concentrate on anything, he develops simply this other degree of enthusiasm in it than other people.” “This is what sets Elon apart from the rest of his race.”

Never forget to read books

Source: CNBC

One’s success is highly influenced by what he/she does in his/her leisure time. Equipping yourself with new information and knowledge, through books, is one of the greatest methods in spending one’s non-working hours.

Oprah Winfrey claimed on her pages. “Nothing, no one item or activity, can match the sensation of a good book – being taken to an other world, a different universe, via words and language,” Through her famed reading club, the media mogul has also shared her reading habit with the rest of the globe.

Reading has also been credited with the success of a few entrepreneurs. Buffett reads newspapers and company reports for 5-6 hours a day. Every year, Bill Gates finishes half a hundred books. Mark Cuban also claims that he spent more than 3 hours a day for book reading.

H/T: cnbc.com

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