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18 Funny Moments When Beautiful Girls Decide To Take “Ugly Face” Selfies

Taking a selfie and posting it on social media is sometimes important to keep up with our friends’ latest activities. Obviously, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration in order to create a stunning selfie. For example, we need to find the ideal angle for our faces, use some photography apps, and apply some amazing filters!

However, there is a recent trend on the Internet in which many super attractive girls are willing to share their embarrassing selfie photos. “Posing in photos where we appear all beautiful and elegant is fine,” they said, “but sometimes it’s even better to express our silly side.”

So, we’ve compiled a series of beautiful girls in ugly shots. Let’s have some fun and share your thought in the comment section below!

#1 My boyfriend laughed out loud when he encountered this pic…

#2 Just like two completely different people!

#3 Hey, let me ghost you, lol

#4 How to take an impressive photo with my BFF, lol

#5 I have discovered my funny aspect when capturing this one…

#6 Naive or a little bit wild, what do u choose?

#7 Vice versus!

#8 I thought my eyes really fit my face until I took this pic.

#9 Difference between working time and relaxing day!

#10 A typical posture for group photograph!

#11 I’m funny, right?

#12 I will never take the selfie when taking a bath!

#13 Sexy girl, sexy smile, sexy photo!

#14 Entertaining a little bit behind the scene

#15 My scary face will be deleted promptly

#16 Time for reflecting myself :)))

#17 It seems that she is pranking someone

#18 Is it ugly enough?

#19 Can I ghost u?

Source: Unknown

#20 Nice

Source: Unknown

#21 Fierce face :))

Source: Unknown

#22 Just like Cardi B, LOL

Source: Unknown

#23 Are they different ones?

Source: Unknown

#24 How beautiful I am!

Source: Unknown

#25 Hahahaaaa

Source: Unknown

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