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25 Practical Jokes That Are Definitely The Best Ideas To Prank Your Siblings

Many people think that growing up with brothers and sisters is probably one of the most precious things in their life. Siblings are not only your closest family members but also your trustworthy companions. They’re always by your side whenever you encounter failures, and they support us unreluctantly and unconditionally. We all love them, and so do they.

Life couldn’t have more fun and entertaining moments without siblings. Have a little bit of fun with our bro and sis by pulling some classic pranks on them. These harmless, funny jests are perfect for April Fool’s Day or any day in the year when we want to get a rise out of them! Today, we’ve compiled a series of practical jokes made by siblings. We hope that you guys will enjoy this post!!

#1 This is what happens when I ask my sister to take a picture of me next to a fountain… lol! ⁣

Source: soulcityyoga_

#2 Not sure if I should be proud or concerned. My daughter said, “He’s got the RONA!!!” And started making him a coffin.

Source: alxrite

#3 “Shirtception” – my favorite gift every year from my brother. We’re now at level 7.

Source: GeorgieWashington

#4 I swear, I will do this every single time one of my little brothers graduates from somewhere.

Source: librarian-byday

#5 My little sister knocked on my door and I came out to this

Source: RexFry2005

#6 My brother sent this while house sitting 5 chihuahuas

Source: la_baconator

#7 5 years ago I promised my sister I would bring a llama to her wedding

Source: DJ117Xx

#8 My sister thought my leg could use more holiday spirit

Source: stalnoypirat

#9 My sister started crying in the shopping center so I put this over her.. now I can’t take her seriously.

Source: redditrunner2

#10 My sister has asked me for help!

Source: emilybowser

#11 Birthday present for my sister.

Source: Murttu

#12 I told my sister if she graduated with honors I would wear a matching dress to her graduation. She said the thought of seeing me in a dress was her motivation when she wanted to quit. Worth it to me.

Source: frekkenstein

#13 I was a mean sister…

Source: stepsister69

#14 My little brother is a pain in the ass

Source: undercoverantichrist

#15 I thought I was seeing my soon to be bride for the first time, my brother stepped in…

Source: chosenplatypus

#16 I got married this weekend and my sister saw an opportunity with this pic

Source: damwards

#17 Me and my brother changed the backgrounds of every single iphone/ipad in an apple store while our family went black Friday shopping. Each one had it’s own unique photo with it’s own personality 🙂

Source: mpantone

#18 I wrapped every single LEGO piece for my little brother, merry Christmas

Source: sneki_snek

#19 Okay Y’all, I’m pranking my sis let’s hope she poops her pants

Source: unknown

#20 When you’re the maid of honor and told you can wear anything you choose…I regret nothing

Source: Christina A. Meador

#21 Daughter about to unleash a fun prank on her little brother

Source: kitaro53085

#22 My sister thought I would like this for Christmas. Thanks, sis! Merry Christmas!

Source: Toledojoe

#23 She’s crying because her brother proudly announced the size of a turd he laid, but flushed it before she could see it

Source: T0BYs_Grundle

#24 Sister had a tooth thing going on and COVID has prevented her from getting it fixed. I got a mask made for her. Ya know, to make her feel less conscience about it. It is what brothers do, right?

Source: mandrew32183

#25 My sister learned a valuable lesson this Christmas: If you let your older brother take an ugly picture of you, you will get it on a custom color-changing mug as a gag gift. Merry Christmas everyone!

Source: Alomba87

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