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Breathtaking Artworks Of Disney Princesses Swapping Their Outfits

It is always a great pleasure for Disney fans to see their favorite characters interact with each other. Several collections about this idea, such as “when Disney princesses become best friends”, “when Disney princesses swap roles” have gone viral and received positive responses. Today, we will bring you a never-before-seen collection inspired by this idea.

Giulia Bragaglia is a talented artist and a diehard Disney fan (which is not difficult to realize through her Instagram posts). She always imagines how Disney princesses would look like if they exchanged their costumes. Therefore, she took it upon herself to implement this genius idea and not surprisingly, the outcome is super brilliant.

Let’s take a look at the list below and discover Giulia’s lovely works together! I’m sure it will be fun to see how stunning Tiana is in Jane’s dress or what Elsa would look like if she swapped her clothes with Esmeralda.

#1 Esmeralda from “The Hunchback of the Notre-Dame” and Elsa from “Frozen”

Source: Giulia Bragaglia

These two princesses look so adorable when wearing each other’s costumes.

#2 Merida from “Brave” and Rapunzel from “Tangled”

Source: Giulia Bragaglia

Merida looks so great in Rapunzel’s dress that I think it is her original outfit.

#3 Megara from “Hercules” and Kida from “Atlantis: The New Empire”

Source: Giulia Bragaglia

Kida looks so soft while Megara is still sassy in this fanart.

#4 Tiana from “Princess and the Frog” and Jane from “Tarzan”

Source: Giulia Bragaglia

It seems that Tiana and Jane are best friends and they are willing to share their clothes with each other.

#5 Anna from “Frozen” and Lilo from “Lilo & Stitch”

Source: Giulia Bragaglia

If Tiana and Jane are best friends, then Anna and Lilo are sisters who love each other.

#6 Pocahontas from “Pocahontas” and Snow White from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

Source: Giulia Bragaglia

Pocahontas wouldn’t give Snow White a poisoned apple, would she?

#7 Jasmine from “Aladdin” and Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”

Source: Giulia Bragaglia

This drawing is such a masterpiece!

#8 Moana from “Moana” and Cinderella from “Cinderella”

Source: Giulia Bragaglia

I love how the artist included the featured objects of the two princesses in this fanart.

#9 Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” and Mulan from “Mulan”

Source: Giulia Bragaglia

Are these girls adorable enough to make you fall in love?

#10 Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty” and Alice from “Alice in Wonderland”

Source: Giulia Bragaglia

Aurora and Alice look alike so much that I even think they are twins, especially when they’re swapping their outfits like this.

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