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Woman Gets Furious As Her Husband In A Wheelchair Won’t Be Invited To Her Sister’s Wedding

Weddings are never about just brides and grooms. At these special moments, people want to share their happiness with the ones they love most. Undoubtedly, friends and families make an essential part of any wedding. Without them, a wedding will be incomplete. Can you imagine a wedding where people don’t want members of their family to show up? That sounds hard to believe, but thing happens.

Redditor u/FungalBroth pretty much experienced this not long ago. She received a wedding invitation from her sister which stated specifically that she was the only one to be invited to the wedding. She was confused, of course, because her husband was not on the invitation. She called her sister to clarify the things and her sister said that she didn’t want to invite her husband because of his disability. The woman couldn’t believe that her sister actually said that, and she got fumed. She decided not to come to the wedding and ask people if she was right. Scroll down to see the full story, and let us know how do you think about it.


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Source: FungalBroth


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