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Hand-Drawn Illustrations Of The Most Iconic Architectures Of Famous Fictional Universes

The architectural marvels that TV, film, and video game creators build seem to get more and more stunning as special effects budgets expand. On the large and tiny screens, we’re all used to incredible special effects and computer-generated awesomeness. Even if you believe that computers and technology have complete control over everything, the magic you see is still initialed from pen and paper.

The charm of hand-drawn sketches of iconic architecture from popular geek classics is being used to catch our attention in a marketing campaign by Angi, a website that encourages you to connect more with architects. They’ve selected some of the most iconic and unique architectural marvels that we feel best to symbolize six of our favorite fictional universes, from Hogwarts castles to Studio Ghibli’s innovative, colorful designs.

Need some inspiration for your next project? Well, you might find it here.

#1 Game Of Thrones

Source: Angi

It’s no wonder that the great Houses of Westeros have some magnificent castles and holdfasts to their names, thus they spend so much time and battle over them. Slave masters in Essos, beyond the Narrow Sea, dwell in huge pyramids to show off how powerful they are.

#2 Harry Potter

Source: Angi

Harry may have grown up in the suburbs of Privet Drive, but after he discovered he was a wizard, he was transported away to far more intriguing structures. The wizarding world is nothing if not distinctive, from the spires of Hogwarts and the crooked charms of Diagon Alley to the homey thatched roof of Shell Cottage and the teetering multi-story Burrow.

#3 Star Wars

Source: Angi

There are many diverse architectural styles and designs in a galaxy far, far away, and you don’t need the wealth of the Republic or the Empire to recreate them. While you might not want your home to look like a terrible hive of filth and villainy like the Mos Eisley Cantina, we kept to terrestrial architecture here.

#4 Skyrim

Source: Angi

Playing an open-world RPG like Skyrim allows you to imagine you reside in a fictitious building. Take some inspiration from Proudspire Manor’s exquisite stonework, wood, and thatch construction if you’re feeling a little underwhelmed when you turn off your console.

#5 Studio Ghibli

Source: Angi

The visually inventive nature of Studio Ghibli’s films is one of the key reasons for their widespread popularity. With castles floating in the sky and stalking across the land, the films of Hayao Miyazaki offer plenty of unattainable architectural dreams.

#6 Marvel

Source: Angi

It doesn’t take superpowers to reproduce the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s architecture… but it would help. While everyone might choose the Avengers Tower as their favorite building, the Asgardian Palace and Tony Stark’s Mansion also make a great impression on its magnificence.