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“Coloring Corruptions” Gives 21 Hilarious Reasons Not To Give Adults Children’s Coloring Books

What would happen if we gave children’s coloring books to adults? If you are going to do this, I suggest you should not. It’s a fact that many grown-ups still love drawing and coloring books just as much as they did in their childhood. However, the way they do the coloring has definitely changed. People’s minds grow up as they get older, and therefore, adults may not only color the pictures but also recreate them as totally different stories based on their ‘dark’ creativity.

Subreddit Coloring Corruption is a place where people share the alternative ways they colored coloring books. But what people can learn from their posts is that it’s a bad idea to give adults children’s books. Scroll down with twenty-one funny and ‘creepy’ pictures below and you will understand why.  Click on this link for more photos.

#1 Cheers!

Source: UraniumLucy

#2 “My submission to my job’s leprechaun coloring contest. Thots and prayers for me to win that candy bar are appreciated.”

Source: BasicTruths

#3 Pikachu

Source: Grapz224

#4 “Princess loves when the plumber brothers visit.”

Source: maddisour1996

#5 Pooh says “Perhaps” to Drugs

Source: shutupesther

#6 “My friend introduced me to this amazing sub! Here’s what I’ve got.”

Source: Mr_Fuzzyface

#7 TTomb Raider

Source: UraniumLucy

#8 “Are they black with white stripes or white with black stripes?”

Source: roxyloveriley

#9 Bravo!

Source: MRBityTheHoneybadger

#10 M’Captain

Source: EvilNassu

#11 Happy Haloween!

Source: Mr_Fuzzyface

#12 “I turned Dumbo in the Jigsaw puppet.”

Source: Kidcrayon1

#13 Joker, Harley- a lil’ bit gnarly

Source: LittlePinkKitten42


Source: MrBiteyDaHoneyBadger

#15 “Do the dishes bathe themselves?”

Source: GilbertGilbert13

#16 A new adventure with new CEOs!

Source: MRBityTheHoneybadger

#17 “Jasmine finds herself in a whole new world.”

Source: locksr01

#18 “Olaf tries to fit in.”

Source: goldengrahamcracker

#19 Merry Christmas, y’all!

Source: TheSheWhoSaidThats

#20 Nothing to see here!

Source: TheSheWhoSaidThats

#21 “I present to you: Belle Pepper.”

Source: TheSheWhoSaidThats

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